Women's Divisional Rankings, April 1, 2023

Since no one else seems to want to do this, I'll take a crack at it.

I'm not going to bother with rankings for the women's heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions. There are far too few fighters and are too few fights.


1) Franchon Crews-DeZurn (US) (8-1) The American holds all four major belts.

2) Shadasia Green (US) (12-0) Displayed massive power in her last fight against Elin Cederros

3) Christina Hammer (Kaz) (28-1) Seems like she's been around forever but she's only 32.

4) Elin Cederros (Swe) (8-2) Former two-belt holder has only lost to Claressa Shields and Green.

5) Raquel Miller (US) (13-0) Unbeaten but is 38 and last fought at 185 pounds.


1) Claressa Shields (US) (13-0) The best woman fighter around is running out of challenges.

2) Savannah Marshall (Eng) (12-1) Would be the best fighter in almost any other division.

3-5) Anybody good who comes down from 168 or up from 154.


1) Natasha Jonas (Eng) (13-2-1) Moved up twenty or so pounds and has won three title belts.

2) Terri Harper (Eng) (13-1-1) Holds the other belt after a similar move up in weight.

3) Cecilia Braekhus (Columbia) (37-2) An all-time great near the end but still pretty damn good.

4) Femke Hermans (Belg.) (15-4) Was outclassed by Savannah Marshall at MW but is a threat at 154.

5) Patricia Berghult (Swe) (16-1) Only loss to Jonas.


1) Jessica McCaskill (US) (12-3) Vacated two belts but still the best fighter in the division so far.

2) Sandy Ryan (Eng) (5-1) The Brit is only six bouts in but has already avenged a loss to Erica Farias and will be fighting for the vacant WBO title.

3) Mary McGee (US) (28-4) The former 140-titlest has moved up for 147.

4) Ivana Habazin (Croatia) (21-4) Will face McCaskill next.

5) Summer Lynn (US) (7-0) Is unbeaten in seven fights against low-level competition but is only 21.


1) Chantelle Cameron (ENG) (17-0) Undisputed champ will face Katie Taylor next month.

2) Katie Taylor (Ire) (22-0) A temporary ranking for Taylor since she will almost certainly return to 135.

3) Christina Linardatou (Greece) (14-2) Will face Mikaela Mayer at 135 next but 140 is her best weight.

4) Oshin Derieuw (Belg) (19-0) Unbeaten but hasn't been tested in a while.

5) Jelena Janicijevic (Serbia) (5-1-1) 38-year-old with only seven fights but could be dangerous.


1) Katie Taylor (Ire) (22-0) Not much mention everyone doesn't already know. She's an all-time great.

2) Amanda Serrano (PR) (44-2-1) No need to add much here either, we all know how good she is.

3) Caroline Dubois (Eng) (6-0) The 22-year-old has looked absolutely terrifying in the ring so far.

4) Estelle Mossely (Fr) (11-0) Hasn't faced the stiffest competition but a good fighter.

5) Rhiannon Dixon (Eng) (8-0) The Brit is still a prospect, but a pretty good one.


1) Alycia Baumgardner (US) (14-1) Holds all the major belts with a lot of potentially big fights in her future.

2) Mikaela Mayer (US) (17-1) Will fight at 135 next but a rematch with Baumgardner likely.

3) Delfine Persoon (Belg) (47-3) The 38-year-old is still really good.

4) Hyun Mi Choi (S. Korea) (20-0-1) The two weight class champ hasn't faced anyone significant in a long while

5) Mavia Hamadouche (Fr) The French veteran hasn'f fought since November, 2021 but is tough as hell.


1) Amanda Serrano (PR) (44-2-1) Says she plans to return to 126 after the Taylor rematch but has bigger fights elsewhere.

2) Erika Cruz (Mex) (15-2) Gave Serrano a hell of a scrap, which means Cruz is pretty damn good.

3) Sarah Mahfoud (Faore Islands) (12-1) was fairly competitive in a UD loss to Serrano. Good fighter.

4) Skye Nicholson (Aust) (6-0) The Aussie has loads of talent just need more experience.

5) Raven Chapman (Eng) (6-0) Still a prospect but is 29 and should move quickly.


1) Cherneka Johnson (NZ) (15-1) The Kiwi is pretty damn good.

2) Yamileth Mercado (Mex) (21-3) Has fought a high level of competition for a 25-year-old in the women's game

3) Segolene LeFebrve (FR) 16-0) Has looked good but steps up in her next fight.

4) Debora Dionicius (Arg) (35-4) The veteran will face LeFebrve for the WBO title.

5) Ellie Scotney (Eng) (6-0) The talented Brit will make a big jump to face Cherneka Johnson next month.


1) Dina Thorslund (Den) (19-0) The Dane is really, really good.

2) Ebanie Bridges (Aust) (9-1) Forget the pin-up girl looks, Bridges is a very good fighter.

3) Yuliahn Luna (Mex) (25-3-1) Another really good boxer in a very tough division

4) Nina Hughes (Eng) (5-0) The Brit won the WBA title from Jamie Mitchell but is already 40.

5) Diana Fernandez (Mex) (27-4-1) Another good fighter whose four losses have all come to really good fighters.


1) Asley Gonzalez (Mex) (15-2) Got a debatable decision victory to win the WBC title.

2) Lourdes Juarez (Mex) (34-3) The terrific veteran will get a chance to regain her title from Gonzalez.

3) Clara Lescurat (Arg) (8-0) The WBA champ doesn't have much power but a slick boxer.

4) Micaela Lujan (Arg) (11-1-1) Is 23, holds the IBF title and has beaten some good fighters.

5) Taylah Robertson (Aust) (8-1) The 23-year-old lost to Shannon McConnell in her fourth pro fight but has look really good since.


1) Marlen Esparza (US) (13-1) She's really good and holds two title belts but really needs to get more active.

2) Arely Mucino (Mex) (32-3-2) Won the IBF title in a hell of a battle with Leonela Yudica.

3) Gabriela Alaniz (Arg) (14-0) The WBO champ has looked impressive.

4) Kenia Enriquez (Mex) (25-1) The former Jr. Flyweight title holder is a threat in a new division

5) Gabriela Fundora (US) (10-0) The 20 year old at 5-9 and 112 pounds represents the same nightmare match up for opponents as her brother Sebastian.


1) Yesica Nery (Mex) (29-2) Dethroned long-time champ Yesica Bopp and looked terrific in a great unification bout.

2) Evelin Bermudez (Arg) (18-1-1) Regained the IBF and WBO titles in a good fight against Tania Enriquez after losing both to Yoka Valle.

3) Kim Clavel (Can) (16-1) Gave Nery a tremendous battle in their fight, looking for a rematch.

4) Tania Enriquez (Mex) (20-1) Acquitted herself well in a loss to Nery.

5) Tamara DeMarco (Arg) (11-5) The veteran hasn't backed down from anyone and is still tough.


1) Senesia Estrada (US) (24-0) A mega-talent with the personality to become a star if the right fights get made.

2) Yokasta Valle (Costa Rica) (28-2) A top-notch talent looking for an undisputed showdown with Estrada.

3) Tina Rupprecht (Ger) (12-1-1) Gave a valiant effort in a loss to Estrada.

4) Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen (Vietnam) (5-1) The only Vietnamese fighter male or female to ever hold a title belt. Lost to Valle but still a good fighter.

5) Sarah Bormann (Ger) (15-0) A really good fighter who hasn't gotten a shot at the top names yet.


1) Yuko Kuroki (Jap) (21-7-2) The WBO champ has fought high-level competition.

2) Nanae Suzuki (Jap) (11-6-1) Has lost two close decisions to Kuroki.

3) Mika Iwakawa (Jap) (12-6-1) Pulled an upset over Ayaka Miyao to win the IBF title last September.

4) Fabiana Bytyqi (Czech) (19-0-2) Tested the waters at flyweight for some non-title fights then was held to a draw in her return to defend the WBC title.

5) Elizabeth Corzo (Mex) (10-5-5) The 4'9 Mexican has fought a hellacious level of talent in her career and will get another crack at Bytyqi after a draw in their first bout.

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