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Mark Magsayo reacts to wide decision loss to Brandon Figueroa

Mark Magsayo and his manager Sean Gibbons weren’t pleased with how this fight was judged.

Mark Magsayo lost a much wider decision on the scorecard than he believes was the reality of the fight.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In the immediate aftermath of Mark Magsayo’s loss to Brandon Figueroa over the weekend, Magsayo and his manager Sean Gibbons spoke to Fight Hub TV about their thoughts on the seemingly wide scorecards that favored Figueroa.

“We just want to say (Magsayo) fought in San Antonio, fought his ass off, lost a very close disputed (decision), which I thought he won,” Sean Gibbons said. “Here, tonight, was pathetic. You cannot, no matter how you add it up, score round 4 to 12 for Brandon Figueroa — you just can’t do it.

“And also, I want to know why the state of California changed one of our judges. I was told Monday there was three judges, they changed Rudy Barragan. Why?...this is pathetic. This man fought his ass off and everybody saw the fight. Even with the point deductions it could’ve been 15-13, 14-14. But 17-9? No.”

Mark Magsayo would then give his take on what transpired in the ring.

“I did my best,” Magsayo said. “I think that was a close fight, for me. This fight, he just punch me on the inside, but I hit him clear. That’s why I lost, those two deductions. We’re the same, holding. I feel like the referee was one-sided.

“He warned me and Figueroa is holding me too. We’re holding together...Floyd do that every time. Floyd, you know Floyd Mayweather, right? He do that every time in Maidana fight (hold on the inside). It’s normal.”

Both Magsayo and Gibbons would continue to question the officiating and the scoring in this fight, but they’ll have to live the loss here. And while the three official scores were wider than two of us had it for BLH, we all did score the fight in Figueroa’s favor.

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