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Tony Harrison says “corny” Tim Tszyu will be facing him as a seasoned veteran

Tony Harrison hopes Tim Tszyu and his team overestimate him, causing him to do something reckless in their fight.

Tony Harrison is enjoying his time ahead of this weekend’s meeting with Tim Tszyu.

On the verge of this weekend’s junior middleweight fight between Tim Tszyu and Tony Harrison, we had both fighters on hand to talk to the media about how they’re feeling heading into the bout. When talking to Harrison, he made it clear that he’s sort of hoping Tszyu and his team are in fact looking past him in this matchup so he can take advantage. Check out some excerpts of what Harrison had to say below.

Harrison on Tszyu’s team predicting a stoppage win

“I think they’re supposed to believe in their horse. That’s the guy that they built up, that’s the guy that they wanted to possess the fight to get all the belts. So first step is Tony Harrison but like I said, if Tim thinks he’s gonna come in and do what he did to all of the rest of them guys, it’s gonna be a sad day in Australia for them guys.”

On having only lost to elite fighters and what that means for this fight against Tszyu

“Tim think he’s going to do the same thing, like the same thing is gonna happen two or three times in a row — it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen to a Detrioter. I think Tim’s fighting a mature, fine-tuned wine, wine and dine king now. I’m not a young, unstable, vicious lion, I’m more of a seasoned vet now. So all the mistakes I made in the beginning was perfect for me.”

On if Tszyu’s team is mistaken in believing he’s too old and worn to cope with Tszyu

“You know what, I like that narrative. I’d like for them to keep that narrative. That means they gonna come in with some reckless shit and get caught recklessly.”

On being well-received in Australia and if he feels like the favorite

“I’m really a hard guy not to like. I’m a hard guy not to go for, you know what I’m saying. I think everybody’s going no only — past the skill, just the charisma and just the way I interact with people. And I think Tim is the total opposite, he’s corny.”

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