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‘We’re not getting any younger’: Anthony Joshua calls out Tyson Fury after Jermaine Franklin win

Anthony Joshua says he still wants Tyson Fury in the ring after today’s win over Jermaine Franklin.

Anthony Joshua says he still wants Tyson Fury in the ring
Anthony Joshua says he still wants Tyson Fury in the ring
Photo by James Chance/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Anthony Joshua picked up the win today over Jermaine Franklin, with maybe the most memorable moments coming after the fight, when he and Franklin got into it a bit, though the situation was diffused pretty quickly.

Post-fight, Joshua spoke about that incident, and once again called for a fight with Tyson Fury.

Here’s what AJ said after the win:

On the post-fight scrap with Franklin

“Inside this squared circle it’s a different type of energy in here, so I apologize to anyone watching and seeing this type of stuff, because we’re sportsmen. I respect Jermaine.”

On not getting the knockout

“Jermaine’s got — someone else will knock him out, probably, from Britain, I reckon. But Jermaine’s got a good, duck-and-dive style. There was opportunities there, but he knew how to tuck up. Respect to him, he done well. He done well, I respect him for that. Well done to him and his team for preparing. I should have knocked him out, but what can I say now? It’s done, on to the next.”

On whether he was surprised by Franklin taking shots

“When people come to fight me, I think they muster up a different kind of energy. I feel like he had a lot of pride. He was here to prove himself, he ain’t here to roll over. Yeah, I wish I could have knocked him out, 100 percent, but in the next 15 years, no one will remember that fight, anyway.”

On being more cautious and having extra weight

“I don’t really watch my weight. I just kinda train to the sparring rounds. We’re doing 13 rounds or 15 rounds, however I feel, I adapt my body. I don’t really worry about my weight.”

On what comes next

“I try and provide for the fans. I know who the fans want. They said Fury, yeah? The ball’s in his court. I would 100 percent be honored to compete for the WBC heavyweight championship of the world. I stand here and I say that proudly, that would be an honor. Wherever you are, you’re listening. You know my management, you know my promoter, we’ve had dialect before so let’s continue this, and hopefully we can get this on sooner than later. We’re not getting any younger.”

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