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Shakur Stevenson says bring on Devin Haney after beating Shuichiro Yoshino

Shakur Stevenson won over the weekend and says he’s ready for an even bigger fight.

Shakur Stevenson says he’s ready to take on Devin Haney next.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Lightweight Shakur Stevenson dominated Shuichiro Yoshino over the weekend, and in the immediate aftermath of the bout he spoke to reporters about being ready and willing to take on Devin Haney, who he says has been talking crazy. Check out some of what Stevenson had to say below.

Stevenson on his performance against Yoshino

“He’ll probably do better against somebody else but he was going against the best in boxing tonight. So you can’t blame him for who he is, for who he was fighting tonight. So maybe on another night he’ll do a little bit better but he went against me tonight.

“I was gonna sleep him. I was looking for the right shot and it was gonna come. He couldn’t get out the way of none of them shots. And once I get that shot in he was going to sleep. If he wasn’t going to sleep he was going down.”

On being in line to face the Haney vs Lomachenko winner

“Honestly, I was looking at it from a standpoint where I don’t know what direction I want to go in but if Devin started talking crazy, as I heard he was talking crazy saying he’s staying at ‘35 for me, so let’s do it. Let’s make the fight happen. I’m ready. We can fight in Vegas, we can fight in New York. Wherever he wanna fight, I’m ready.”

On how he feels fighting at 135

“I feel strong. I don’t have to cut so much weight so I was able to sit down on my punches.”

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