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Eddie Hearn discusses Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez suffering broken jaw in win over Cristian Gonzalez

Jesse Rodriguez won his fight over the weekend, but it certainly cost him.

Eddie Hearn says a fight between Jesse Rodriguez and Sunny Edwards will likely have to wait.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn spoke to Fight Hub TV about Jesse Rodriguez’s latest title win over the weekend. Although Rodriguez came out on top, he took some punishment including a broken jaw, and here Hearn says they’ll need a formal evaluation before deciding how they’ll move forwards.

“Unfortunately he’s been rushed to the hospital, he broke his jaw in the sixth round,” Hearn said. “So, obviously he did a great job at disguising that and very tough to fight through it as well. But disappointing because he wanted to make that big summer fight with Sunny Edwards. So we’ll have to see what’s next. Good win, two division world champion, but obviously need to see what the hospital says and if he needs an operation.

“Gonzalez was tough. Gonzalez, earlier, boxed really well, but in the end tried to survive the back end and that made it difficult for Jesse. Obviously with a broken jaw, couldn’t be as aggressive as he’d want, although I thought he was quite aggressive.

“I thought it was a good performance without a broken jaw, but when you go through that for six rounds, getting hit, and choosing to be that aggressive in the fight — I think that shows you how tough he is. So, very proud of him and great atmosphere and big win for him.

“You can’t keep boxing at this level when you’re as good as Jesse. You need to test yourself. But everything’s going to hinge on what the hospital says, really. He wants to go straight into that Sunny Edwards fight but Sunny needs to fight probably July at the latest so we have to see, probably gonna be unlikely now. Maybe we’ll look at Julio Cesar Martinez or Dalakian, and try to make that unification for Sunny Edwards because he’s another fighter that’s really good and talented and I don’t want him hanging around that level too long. I want him challenging himself in big fights.

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