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Salt Papi’s next fight set, will face Anthony Taylor on May 13

Salt Papi will be back in a boxing ring on May 13 against Anthony Taylor.

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Salt Papi will be back in a boxing ring on May 13 against Anthony Taylor
Salt Papi will be back in a boxing ring on May 13 against Anthony Taylor
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Salt Papi’s next fight is set, as the popular influencer-boxer will be back in the ring on the May 13 Misfits Boxing show, facing Anthony Taylor. The event will be headlined by KSI vs Joe Fournier, and will be available on DAZN PPV.

In the influencer boxing world, Salt Papi is something of a unique presence, in that it kinda seems like everyone just likes him, from the dedicated influencer boxing supporters to people who really couldn’t care less or even dislike most of it, but have seen at least clips of him.

After his last fight in January, where Salt Papi stopped Josh Brueckner in the second round, the likes of Sunny Edwards and Ryan Garcia suggested he go pro for real, and he’s just generally drawn legitimate praise from all corners for his ability and his entertainment factor.

At that time, Edwards — a reigning flyweight champion — said, “I hope you realize Salt Papi can actually fight. It’s not fair him fighting these men.”

This time out, Papi’s opponent will have a bit more actual fighting experience than anyone he’s faced to date. Taylor, 33, has a 2-3 record in sanctioned boxing bouts, with losses to Tommy Fury and Chris Avila in the mix, and also is 7-5 in mixed martial arts, including a 2-3 mark in Bellator.

Taylor has mainly looked to attach himself to the influencer boxing world, which has been smart, it’s been a way for a journeyman-type fighter to get a lot more attention and press and probably money than just going straight at boxing and/or MMA anymore was going to bring him.

Taylor fought on that same January Misfits card where Papi was last in the ring, losing a four-round decision to Idris Virgo, who has 13 pro boxing fights and frankly did better against Taylor than Tommy Fury did back in 2021.

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