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‘I’ve been in boxing 53 years, he’s got something I’ve never seen’: Joe Goossen on Ryan Garcia’s preparation for Gervonta Davis

As Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia head into this Saturday’s showdown, trainer Joe Goossen talks about Garcia’s preparation for the bout.

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Joe Goossen says it’s hard for him to see any other outcome than Ryan Garcia beating Gervonta Davis.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As fight week for Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia continues to roll on, trainer Joe Goossen takes some time to talk about his perspective on the expectations for fight night and why he thinks Ryan Garcia is unlike any other fighter he’s worked with in the past. Check out some excerpts of what Goosen had to say below.

Goossen on how he sees Ryan heading into this weekend’s fight

“Ryan looks great...he’s got an aura around him right now. He’s got the aura of a winner, of a star, of a guy who’s on a mission. He worked so hard in this camp — I rate it in the top five of all camps I’ve ever been in.

“The concentration, the dedication that he had for this camp was really pretty hard to imagine, especially the last couple of months. He’s been very focused, losing the weight in the right way, the sparring has been going great. I mean, he’s really been destroying a lot of sparring partners along the way. But he’s got something special about him that’s hard to define, he’s got that ‘it’ quality. But I can’t see him doing anything other than winning Saturday night.”

On the magnitude of the matchup

“It’s one thing to have two guys going at each other. It’s another thing to have two undefeated guys that each individually can sell out 20,000 seats — they both can do it. And not just that, they’re both five-star quality.”

On how he’ll keep Garcia calm under fire with his corner advice

“The key thing is to just stick to what you’re doing, stick to your job, know why you’re there and know that my main responsibility is guiding the fighter through the fight, if he needs it. Sometimes your services aren’t really that important in the corner, and other times they become crucial, and you never know what you’re gonna get. But I just think that through experience and doing this over and over again, just like a fighter going up to the ring, it’s a nerve-wracking situation, but you know how to control it and eventually funnel their energy in the right direction.

“I’m in awe of Ryan Garcia, to tell you the truth. He’s a very special fighter. They don’t come along very often. I’ve been in the game for 53 years, he’s got something that I’ve never seen before.”

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