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ProBox TV full fight video and highlights: Luis Collazo announces retirement after 6th round KO loss to Angel Ruiz

Angel Ruiz knocked down Luis Collazo three times in the final fight of Collazo’s career

Angel Ruiz ended the career of Luis Collazo by 6th round knockout
Angel Ruiz ended the career of Luis Collazo by 6th round knockout
Gabe Gomez / ProBox
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Luis Collazo called it a career one month shy of 23 years as a pro, and three days before his 42nd birthday. Along the way, he won a world title, and faced off against Keith Thurman, Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley, and Amir Khan. Tonight in Florida, it was 25 year old Angel Ruiz that dropped him three times, knocking him out early in the 6th round.

The retirement announcement from Collazo (39-9, 20 KO) came after he was shaken up by a jab early in the 1st, knocked down twice in the 3rd, and finally stopped by a right hand to the belly shortly after the start of the 6th. He certainly still has power, and gave us a fantastic 2nd round. But, Ruiz (18-2-1, 13 KO) showed no fear in the last three rounds, attacking at his pleasure and taking little damage in return.

Both men showed a lot of respect after the fight, where Collazo gave an in-ring interview declaring he’s finished as a pro fighter, saying: “For boxing, I’m done. This is the end for me now. I’m content with the decision.”

It’s a big name win for Ruiz, who can spend the rest of his life telling people he knocked out a former world champion into retirement. And it’s a wise decision by Collazo, who can look back with pride on the sort of career few fighters get to experience.

Vadim Musaev TKO-1 Martin Alvarez

Vadim Musaev only needed two minutes to end his night, wrapping up business quickly against Martin Alvarez.

A left hand from Musaev (6-0, 3 KO) straight down the pipe against a squared-up Alvarez (7-1, 6 KO) put Alvarez down and took his legs away. He did get up, but was far too unsteady to continue.

Fast, precise work from Musaev, who looked good and should be ready to go again quickly given the limited adversity he faced tonight.

Jose Salas UD-10 Prince Dzanie

The opener was a magnificent showcase for Jose Salas, a 21 year old who took full advantage of a television opportunity. Salas (12-0, 9 KO) was just too quick, elusive, and busy for Prince Dzanie to handle.

Salas spent the whole night showing off great footwork and movement, circling and bouncing in and out constantly. Dzanie (23-1, 19 KO) never conceded the fight, pressing hard to start the 8th and 9th rounds, but Salas stole both with excellent work at the end of each, including a knockdown at the very end of the 9th.

Salas won the hearts of the commentary team and all three judges. They were unanimous in a clean sweep for Salas, matching Bad Left Hook’s unofficial 100-89 scorecard. Expect to see Salas again on a future Wednesday night show.

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