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Everything Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia said at their final press conference, plus undercard fighters

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are both predicting knockouts on Saturday, and broken jaws, to boot.

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Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are both predicting knockouts on Saturday
Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are both predicting knockouts on Saturday
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia about two days from their massive fight on Saturday in Las Vegas, and the pair of unbeaten young star fighters met up today at their final presser, with both predicting knockouts, and broken jaws, for that matter.

“I touch that jaw, I’m telling you, you’re going to sleep. I promise you,” Davis told Garcia. “I’ll probably break your jaw. Facts.”

Davis (28-0, 26 KO) amped up the trash talk, warning Garcia that his family won’t want to see what happens: “Don’t even bring your mother or your daughter,” he said. “Don’t bring ‘em. I’m telling you.”

Garcia (23-0, 19 KO) continued to push his left hook as what will finish the fight.

“I just need a single shot. Just one. This one. Trust me,” he said. “The left hook. When I touch anything, you’re going to sleep. I feel like I’m gonna break your jaw with a hook. I just see you on the floor with a broken jaw.”

The two also — if you’re wondering about the status of the thing that’s absolutely not going to happen just like it always doesn’t — spoke on their stupid social media “purse bet,” with Davis alleging Garcia’s adviser wouldn’t do it, and Garcia saying he probably wouldn’t even take the money anyway.

Here’s what all they had to say on Thursday.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis

“We’re here. Enough with the talking, I’m ready to get down and dirty, baby. I’m from Baltimore city and you’ll see how we carry it come Saturday.”

“I’m trying to make (the purse bet) official. His adviser called and begged that we don’t make that happen, he was scared. I guess it ain’t (gonna happen).”

“He’s delusional. That’s it. Put the money up.”

“He’s gonna feel me, for sure. He’s gonna feel me. He’s gonna feel me.”

“I’m who I say I am. I’m that guy. I didn’t get all this way here for nothing. I put the work in and got them guys outta there. He’ll see it.”

“I touch that jaw, I’m telling you, you’re going to sleep. I promise you. I’ll probably break your jaw. Facts. Don’t even bring your mother or your daughter. Don’t bring ‘em. I’m telling you.”

“He don’t have the fundamentals at all. If Joe Goossen was such a great trainer, fix his fundamentals. This guy don’t have no fundamentals at all, he’s relying on a weak ass hook. That’s all. That’s all he’s relying on. No defense, no footwork, no head movement, he don’t have nothin’. Get him out of here.”

“He’s gonna get his ass whooped.”

“It’s gonna be an exciting fight, man. This is gonna be great. We’ve got two guys that, you know, I don’t know about him, but I’m coming with some stuff.”

Ryan Garcia

“This is a dream come true. I’m seeing my face on the big screens at MGM. This is what I’ve dreamed of since I was a little boy, and now I’m here, so I’m very happy, I’m very excited.

“I don’t have much to say, really, nothing’s really in my mind other than staying focused and being prepared. There’s a big task at hand but I know I’m going to be victorious. I’m ready to do what I do. I’m gonna end him, I promise that. It’s over. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

“I’m a man of my word. I said it, and I was ready to do (the purse bet), and I said just get it done. Whatever he wants. Let’s go. I’m ready to win and might as well take everything from him. But I just feel like I wouldn’t do it anyways. Even when I knock him out I’m not gonna take the money from him.”

“You don’t get to this position without having something special. Anybody with a clear mind can see that. I guess, again, he’ll just have to wait and see when I’m in there why I’m so special. He can’t see it, but he’ll see it once he’s in there. You’re laughing, but I’m dead serious. It’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be over so quick.”

“I just need a single shot. Just one. This one. Trust me. The left hook. When I touch anything, you’re going to sleep. I feel like I’m gonna break your jaw with a hook. I just see you on the floor with a broken jaw.”

“They’re talking about, ‘I wanna punish him.’ This man’s never punished anybody in his life. This man’s always losing. You don’t punish nobody, so get that out of your delusional mind, bro. You’re gonna get punished. You’ve got the lowest punch output in boxing right now. You’re not punishing nobody. Get that out of your mind. You walked into the wrong guy right here. This is the moment where everything catches up to you. Trust me! Your whole career’s gonna come to a halt. Finished. You’re gonna learn the hard way. The hard way’s coming to you real quick. You’re finished and you’re gonna have a lot to think about, trust me.”

“You’re delusional about your defense. Gamboa had you bruised up. Can you look at the truth for once? Stop the cap!”

“This is the biggest moment in sports right now. It obviously means a lot. The magnitude of this fight is huge. Everything’s on the line. I’m in it already, I’m ready to go as deep as I have to. I’ve been envisioning this for so many years, and it’s here. Words can’t describe how much it means to me.”

“You know what’s funny about this guy? He talks about, ‘I’ve got spies, I’ve got this, he ain’t shit of a fighter,’ but he’s doing everything he can to figure it out? It makes no sense. You can send all the Judases in my gym, but it’s not gonna stop what’s gonna happen.

“It’s so sad. ‘I need a rehydration clause, I need 136, I need this.’ Why do you need everything for a ‘non-complete fighter’? You’re delusional, bro, stop lying to the people. You can come watch me train tonight. It’s not gonna stop what’s gonna happen.”

David Morrell Jr

“I’m so excited for the opportunity. It’s a beautiful dream for me. It’s a beautiful opportunity for the next fight to be a big name. Next fight will be the big name.”

“Of course (I want David Benavidez), 100 percent. I’m ready. I tell everybody every time, I’m ready for everyone at 168. I’m here. I don’t need more. I’ve got everything. I’m ready, I’m focused, I feel good. I’m ready, man. That’s it.”

Yamaguchi Falcao

“I’m all about taking on the best challenges, the biggest ones. I love boxing and love being out there. I believe in myself fully to realize what I want to do.”

“People should know I’m an Olympic medalist, that I’m very talented, and that I’m here to make history, to shock the world and leave my imprint. To let the world know I have arrived.”

Gabriel Rosado

“The rematch made sense, being I was already in camp getting ready for a big fight. The fight fell off and Golden Boy presented this opportunity. I kinda took it personal being that I feel like he thinks that knockout was a fluke. I just want to prove him wrong.”

“It’s gonna be the same outcome. We’re locked in, we had a great training camp, I feel amazing.”

“It’s pretty crazy, it’s been a long road, but I’m enjoying it. I’m having fun. That’s important. You gotta find a goal. That’s my thing, man, I just want to keep proving that I can improve as a fighter, get better, and I’m worthy of this stage. We’re gonna shine again.”

“You’re gonna get my best. Philadelphia warrior. I’m coming in wanting to put on a great performance. It’s not just about winning, it’s about how I win. It’s kinda hard to top that first knockout, but I’m going in to put on a great performance, and I can’t wait.”

Bektemir Melikuziev

“This is the fight I’ve wanted, this is the fight I’ve been asking for, and it’s the fight I got on the biggest card. Whatever happened (before) happened, I’m going to talk inside the ring.”

“This is boxing. A mistake was made. Lesson learned. No mistakes this time.”

“He can think whatever he wants. That’s his right. I can promise you it’s going to be a great fight and action-packed.”

“I’m happy. I have this fight, I have this opportunity. I have a great fighter in front of me. And I can promise you, whether it’s one round or 10 rounds, it’s going to be exciting and action-packed.”

Elijah Garcia

“I believe Kevin Salgado is a great opponent, but I’m gonna push the pace and someone’s gonna get knocked out. It’s gonna be an inside fight and we’ll see what happens from there.”

“I believe Phoenix always had good boxers, we’ve always had great talent. We’re just starting to take these risks now and become great champions. We’ve always had the talent (in Phoenix), and I just want to become the next name out there.”

“My goal is to be a champion when I’m 21 years old. If it comes sooner, then I’m going to be ready. We’re just taking it one fight at a time and building our way up. The goal is, by the end of the year, become a mandatory.”

Kevin Salgado

“The one that’s going to be knocked out, that’s going to be Elijah.”

“I don’t care how young he is, I don’t care how ambitious he is. I’m going to go in that ring, get the victory, and go on my way.”

“It’s one thing to talk outside the ring, he seems to like to do that. I’m going to talk inside the ring and you’ll see what I’m capable of.”

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