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JMX vs Le’Veon Bell full fight video highlights and results: Le’Veon Bell bloodies, beats JMX in Misfits main event

Le’Veon Bell beat JMX in tonight’s Misfits Boxing main event from New Orleans.

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Le’Veon Bell beat JMX in tonight’s Misfits Boxing main event
Le’Veon Bell beat JMX in tonight’s Misfits Boxing main event
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Former NFL All-Pro Le’Veon Bell won a four-round unanimous decision over JMX in tonight’s Misfits Boxing main event from New Orleans.

Bell won on scores of 39-37, 40-36, and 40-36, bloodying JMX with a cut near the eye in round three, but the two managed to go the distance. Bell was clearly the more athletic, more explosive fighter of the two of them, and JMX just had no answers after the first round, where Bell started a little slow but started getting going late.

From the second on, it was pretty much all Bell, though it wasn’t exactly a mesmerizing display of boxing talent or anything.

Much like Misfits’ last U.S. show, this came off as a B-level event by their standards, and that might be a bit kind. These shows simply do not have the juice that their events in the United Kingdom have had, and a lot of that owes to the fact that the crowds are much smaller and clearly care a whole lot less.

It’s worth wondering, perhaps, how much overall interest there really is in “crossover boxing” in the States, because basically everything that hasn’t involved Jake or Logan Paul has struggled to capture a whole lot of interest. And for those on this card calling out Logan Paul in particular, that’s probably a dream to forget about, as Logan hasn’t really sniffed the boxing world since making his way to WWE, where he’s getting a lot of money and has proven himself something of a natural in that game. If he is ever going to fight again, it’s probably not for Le’Veon Bell or Chris Avila.

Undercard results and highlights

  • Chris Avila UD-4 Paul Bamba: Avila totally dominated a hapless Bamba, who came in talking a lot and then did basically nothing other than flirt with a disqualification. Scores were 40-34, 40-35, 40-35. I have no idea why they thought this should go on second-to-last. These dudes aren’t, like, famous, and they’re also not very good at boxing. They did not look like the best boxers on this card despite their combat experience.
  • Walid Sharks KO-2 Ayye Pap: This was a levels issue, with Walid Sharks just way, way better than a game but woefully outclassed Ayye Pap. Sharks got a second round knockdown, then got the knockout not long after. Sharks then immediately called out a ringside Deen the Great, who has knocked Walid out before. So hey, you know, it’s hunger! It’s bold! Deen is legitimately one of the most skilled of all these guys.
  • Uncle Pizza SD-4 Yuddygangtv: I’m gonna try to put this into words correctly, but I won’t succeed in painting the picture probably: This was a bizarrely “normal” boxing fight. Lots of clinching, guys trying to work in close, going to the body, staying in the phone booth at times, grappling. It wasn’t exactly thrilling but it was sort of interesting to see two really novice fighters fight that way instead of badly missing haymakers and throwing terrible arm punches and stuff. Scores were two cards of 39-36 for Uncle Pizza, and one of 38-37 for Yuddygang. Uncle Pizza is completely incapable of just doing an interview, by the way. Everything is a six-year-old’s impression of an Italian stereotype. Yuddy lost a point along the way because his mouthpiece kept falling out; he wasn’t spitting it out, it just wasn’t fitted properly.
  • Minikon D-4 Jake the Viking: This was not good but they tried really hard, and the TV tried really hard to make you think it was exciting. By the fourth round neither one of them had enough gas left to do basically anything, but sincerely, they did try, and respect to Viking lad for turning it around at the point where it really looked like Minikon was gonna fully take over in round two.
  • OJ Rosé TKO-2 Kimbo Slice Jr: This was an early stoppage from the referee. I kinda get it, because he’s possibly under some commission direction that, like, “Listen, if someone gets in trouble, stop it.” But these two both actually know how to fight. Kimbo Jr is no great fighter, but he’s a trained guy, has had several fights in Bellator, knows his way around a scrap. He was reeling a bit but it wasn’t time to stop it, I don’t think. I do believe Rosé was headed for the win; he was simply the better boxer and it kept showing up. And ultimately I don’t really care. But just saying. Sake of conversation and all.
  • Stevie Knight DQ-1 Chase Demoor: I’ve now seen Chase Demoor fight twice, and the less I ever see Chase Demoor fight again, the better. There’s a million “influencers” and the like who want to do this, this dude is going on your prelims, it is not important that he have fights on your shows. Look at this idiot nonsense:
  • Alaena Vampira TKO-2 Fangs: “Fangs” did not do very well.

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