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Davis vs Garcia undercard full fight video highlights and results: David Morrell Jr smashes Falcao, calls out David Benavidez

David Morrell Jr, Bektemir Melikuziev, Elijah Garcia, and more picked up wins on the Davis vs Garcia undercard.

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David Morrell Jr smashed through Yamaguchi Falcao on the Davis vs Garcia undercard
David Morrell Jr smashed through Yamaguchi Falcao on the Davis vs Garcia undercard
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The Davis vs Garcia undercard is in the books, with all of the favorites winning their fights, most of them quite clearly and/or emphatically.

In the “featured attraction,” David Morrell Jr made his case for a David Benavidez fight by blasting out late notice opponent Yamaguchi Falcao in the first round, holding onto the secondary WBA super middleweight title that he has.

Morrell (9-0, 8 KO) landed 22 of 33 (67%) of his power shots on Falcao (24-2-1, 10 KO), scoring a knockdown when Falcao wobbled against the ropes, and then another shortly after that ended the fight.

Davis vs Garcia live coverage continues, click here for the main event!

Morrell, 24, had been originally slated to fight Sena Agbeko, and Falcao, a 2012 bronze medalist in the Olympics, came in on about a week’s notice, undersized and in the end, out of his league at age 35.

Bektemir Melikuziev UD-10 Gabriel Rosado

Some will argue with me, but I said for a year that this was a rematch that didn’t need to be seen, and, well, this wasn’t exciting and it wasn’t competitive, but Melikzuiev gets his “revenge” by not making the one mistake he made two years ago.

Melikuziev (12-1, 9 KO) started tentative, but just steadily got a hair more aggressive throughout the fight, and ultimately outpointed Rosado on unanimous scores of 99-91. Bad Left Hook unofficially scored it 98-92 and 99-91 on our two cards.

The 27-year-old “Bek the Bully” can now move on with his career, even though this was a fight that wasn’t really in anyone’s plan, since Rosado (26-17-1, 15 KO) was only here because a different planned fight with Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez fell apart when Ramirez missed weight.

Melikuziev didn’t exactly thrill or even particularly impress here, but he did win clearly. How high his ceiling is at 168 lbs remains to be seen; he’s strong, but he also still makes a lot of mistakes, and Rosado was able to hang around in this fight in part because even more aggressive in the second half especially, Melikuziev just wasn’t setting up his power shots, and a veteran like Rosado was able to at least partially block a ton of them.

As for the 37-year-old Rosado, this is four straight losses, all of them clear, since the one-shot upset of Bek in 2021. He’s a true pro and has had an admirable, honorable career, but he just offers so little in these fights anymore, and it’s hard to see anything good happening for him from here, unless he wants to take much lower-level fights than this, and even notably lower-level than, like, Shane Mosley Jr.

Elijah Garcia UD-10 Kevin Salgado

A good, tough win for 19-year-old middleweight Elijah Garcia, who just fought 49 days prior to this. He had a bit of a slow start here, but overcame that to get scores of 95-94, 97-92, and 97-92. Bad Left Hook scored if 96-93 and 96-93 on our two unofficial score cards. Salgado was docked a point in round seven for repeated low blows.

Garcia (15-0, 12 KO) had to work for this one, as Salgado (15-2-1, 10 KO) came out sharp and hot, and won the first three rounds pretty clearly. But it was mostly Elijah Garcia from then on, and he proved a few things, first that he can go a tough 10-round distance, and also that he can make good adjustments, which he did when he stopped trying to press so much and got a little looser, a little less tight.

You’d think he’s earned a little summer break, not from the gym entirely, but from doing another tough camp to lead up to a fight. That said, he’s got big goals to get an eliminator by the end of 2022. Middleweight is pretty wide open at this point, and he’s got good backing.

  • Fiodor Czerkaszyn TKO-9 Elias Espadas: Not exactly a thriller, and the completely empty T-Mobile didn’t help, but Czerkaszyn stays undefeated, going to 22-0 (14 KO) with a ninth round stoppage of Espadas (22-6, 15 KO), and keeps himself in the mix in the middleweight division.
  • Vito Mielnicki Jr TKO-3 Jose Charles: A dominant performance from 20-year-old Mielnicki (15-1, 10 KO), which was more or less expected, but still, he did the job you’d want him to do in this fight at this stage in his career. Charles falls to 20-4-1 (12 KO).

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