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Ryan Garcia admits to having a mole in his camp for Gervonta Davis fight

Ryan Garcia says he’s not making excuses but thinks it’s sad he was betrayed by an insider.

Ryan Garcia was stopped in the seventh round of his fight with Gervonta Davis.
Ryan Garcia was stopped in the seventh round of his fight with Gervonta Davis.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Ryan Garcia stepped into the ring this past weekend and took his licks from Gervonta Davis, who stopped him in the seventh round of their lightweight prizefight. Leading into the bout there was plenty of trash talk between both fighters, with Gervonta Davis and his team openly stating they had a mole inside of Garcia’s camp and knew everything he was doing to prepare for the fight.

Garcia, at the time, largely brushed off the notion as mind games and suggested that it wouldn’t make a difference even if true, saying no Judas could prevent his impending win. Well, there was no win to be had for Garcia in this outing, and he’s since gone on social media to lament the fact that he did indeed have a double agent in his camp.

“Actually sad I had a mole in my camp,” Garcia posted to his Instagram story. “Like WTF that’s crazy but thank God it’s brought to light now.”

Garcia would soon thereafter follow up with another post to say that he didn’t intend that message to be construed as him making an excuse for his loss.

“Also didn’t mean that to come off as an excuse of anything. I lost period. I’ll come back but I’m just shocked that part of my team crossed me, someone close to me. Unbelievable,” Garcia would write.

Garcia has tried to maintain a positive attitude in defeat, giving Davis credit for being a great fighter who just got the best of him. That being said, between this and his post-fight comments suggesting he was weakened by the rehydration clause for the fight, some people are going to take this as Garcia simply searching for a rationalization for his knockout loss — other than Davis is just the better fighter.

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