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Bernard Hopkins explains why he and Oscar De La Hoya didn’t appear at Ryan Garcia’s post-fight press conference

The Golden Boy promoter reacts to questions about their curious absence after Ryan Garcia’s loss to Gervonta Davis.

Bernard Hopkins says he didn’t want to be apart of a shit show during a post-fight presser in light of accusations thrown in his direction.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following Ryan Garcia’s knockout loss to Gervonta Davis over the weekend, there were many who pointed out the fact that Golden Boy promoters Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins were nowhere to be found for the post-fight press conference. A lot of people suggested it was in bad taste for the promoters not to be there to support their fighter, but hear what Hopkins had to say about the matter.

Hopkins on why neither De La Hoya nor himself were present at Garcia’s post-fight presser

“First of all, we had Eric Comez who is the president of Golden Boy, who handles and structured with the assistant and everybody there. Second, it wasn’t going to be about Oscar. It wasn’t going to be about Bernard Hopkins. The focus is about Ryan being there with Tank, the fans that’s there, the questions the reporters are waiting to shoot. What else can we say than what we said before the fight? And Oscar will have his interview, whoever he does it with, Monday morning or Tuesday.

“I’m not going to turn anything into a circus because even though it’s over, the fight, if they saying that I was going to put testosterone or whatever it is — they’re trying to come up with something now because they realize I didn’t try to touch (Davis) in a negative or aggressive way (at the weigh-in). But you hear me saying ‘watch the edge.’ They got to come with the cream and this conspiracy.

“If they felt like that then, it’s over with. I don’t know if it’s over with them, I don’t know if they want to gloat even more or stick their chest out. My whole thing is this is Ryan’s time, this is his time. If they went that that it’s over with, I let my guard down? Absolutely not.

“So we had representation, Eric Gomez, other reps from Golden Boy there, handle the business. It’s not about us, we did our job. What are we promoting after the fight? Nothing to talk about.”

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