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Teofimo Lopez says this will be his last fight on ESPN during wild rant

Teofimo Lopez has expressed real displeasure with those affiliated with the network.

Teofimo Lopez offers some choice words about ESPN commentators Andre Ward and Tim Bradley.
Teofimo Lopez offers some choice words about ESPN commentators Andre Ward and Tim Bradley.
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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Teofimo Lopez sure knows how to draw attention to himself, unfortunately it's not for all the best reasons as of late. During a new interview with Punsh Drunk Boxing, Lopez holds nothing back as he sounds off on ESPN analysts Andre Ward and Tim Bradley.

"At the fighters meeting I dissed Andre Ward and Timothy Bradley in front of ESPN's production for all the affiliation and corruption that they do," Lopez said. "And what happened? I put more weight on my back, and all they was talking about right away, when I slipped with the first knockdown they called.

"I slipped, they called it right away. What did Bradley say, 'He's hurt, he's hurt!' So I don't sugarcoat shit. All these motherfuckers dick ride and they suck dick - pardon my language. But that is the problem, I don't ride off that."

Lopez would then up the ante with his words, saying this will be his last fight on the ESPN network.

"This is my last fight on ESPN," Lopez continued. "I'm sorry but I'm not sorry. This is why this fight (against Josh Taylor) means everything to me. If they want the black fighters they can keep them. I brought Bud Lite to Top Rank."

Lopez's comments will be sure to draw some scrutiny, but it doesn't seem like he's doing himself any favors in the court of public opinion and perception.

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