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Regis Prograis senses false confidence coming from Ryan Garcia, picks Gervonta Davis to stop him

Regis Prograis hopes he can soon make a big fight against Gervonta Davis himself.

Regis Prograis says Gervonta Davis has the skill and power advantages over Ryan Garcia.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Regis Prograis takes some time to chat with media members about his thoughts on an upcoming lightweight fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia. Prograis says he expects Davis to take out Garcia before it’s all said and done, and believes that Garcia is exhibiting a bit of false confidence heading into the showdown. Check out some of what Prograis had to say below.

Prograis on Davis vs Garcia

“I got Tank by stoppage. I don’t never pick the rounds but I think Tank’s gonna stop him. It’s probably be in the later rounds, I don’t think the early rounds or nothing like that. I think Tank gonna stop him.

“What I see in Ryan Garcia is confidence, but I think false confidence. I think he’s real confident — you have to be confident, but you have to have that certain level of confidence. I think that it’s just something I see in him. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, maybe I’m reading it right, but I think I see false confidence in Ryan. And with Tank I think I see like real confidence, like he knows what’s gonna happen.

“And Tank is skilled too at the same time. Tank is a very, very skilled fighter. He’s not just a big puncher like people say. He’s actually super skilled. I think even more skilled than Ryan Garcia and he’s a big puncher. So for me, I think Tank will probably stop Ryan.”

On how he would like a fight against Tank

“I would love that fight. Me and Tank been going at it, we been going back and forth on social media a couple times but I definitely love that fight. I hope that fight can happen one day. If he beats Ryan, which I think he would, maybe he comes to 140 and tries to fight for a belt. But I think that’ll be a real big fight, it’ll be a huge fight.”

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