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Joe Joyce says Anthony Joshua has regressed and believes he’s clearly overtaken him in heavyweight landscape

Joe Joyce believes Anthony Joshua’s latest performance was a bit disappointing and says he would’ve gotten knocked out against him.

Joe Joyce now believes he’s a demonstrably better fight than Anthony Joshua.
Joe Joyce now believes he’s a demonstrably better fight than Anthony Joshua.
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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Count Joe Joyce among those who weren’t exactly impressed by the latest showing by Anthony Joshua. Speaking to Sky Sports, Joyce says he believes Joshua put forth a disappointing and underwhelming performance against Jermaine Franklin, and ultimately reasons that Joshua is on the decline.

“I’d knock both of them out with their performance the other night. I’d definitely force a stoppage on Franklin and Joshua’s ripe for the picking,” Joyce told Sky Sports. Not great but [Joshua] got the job done...He was [using] single shots and boxed kind of like he did in the [Andy] Ruiz second fight. So it was a little bit disappointing.”

Joyce would continue by saying that considering their last few performances he believes he’s proven to be a better fighter than Joshua, and now just needs the earnings from some marquee fights to match his perceived status.

“I was always trying to catch up with him but now I’ve overtaken him, so that’s good. That’s what I wanted. But I haven’t caught up to him financially yet so I need to have those big fights!”

Yet despite Joyce being more than willing to get in there with Joshua himself to leave no doubt he’s the superior man in the ring, he expects Joshua will instead look towards a rematch with Dillian Whyte as an easier option while he continues to look for whatever mojo he’s been missing lately.

In the meanwhile Joyce will try to play his hand as best possible, looking to maximize his earnings and career accomplishments in a crowded division with not a lot of movement at the top.

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