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Gervonta Davis looking to get ‘straight to the point’ in upcoming fight against Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis says he may feel Ryan Garcia out a little bit, but expects to take care of business inside the distance.

Gervonta Davis feels the urge to handle Ryan Garcia in dominating fashion.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Gervonta Davis held an open media workout yesterday ahead of his April 22 PPV against Ryan Garcia, and took some time to chat with media members about the fight. Davis, who was asked about how he’s feeling heading into this bout, says he’s ready to take care of business once that opening bell rings.

Davis on his prediction for his fight with Garcia

“Seven or eight rounds. Because, figure him out a little bit and then — I ain’t gonna lie, I’m gonna get to the point on this fight. I’m getting straight to the point. Just want to show him he ain’t that person.”

On if he’d be surprised if Garcia started the fight trying to rush and bully him

“He ain’t gonna do that. He is not going to do that. That is one thing he is not gonna do.”

On if he has his mind set on steamrolling Garcia

“Nah, not steamroll him. I don’t know, he say all this stuff on some interview, saying he ain’t leaving the ring unless take something. Like, aight, take this ass whooping.”

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