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Jake Paul claims reported Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia PPV buys were inflated

Jake Paul says he has the contacts to know the real PPV figures, and that his fight with Tommy Fury sold more PPVs than Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia.

Jake Paul says despite being a successful event, Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia wasn’t as big as they’d like you to believe.
Jake Paul says despite being a successful event, Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia wasn’t as big as they’d like you to believe.
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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following yesterday’s opening press conference to announce the Aug. 5 fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, Paul got some media members to notice that he noted a much lower figure on the PPV buys for Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia, saying his last fight against Tommy Fury actually sold more. Check out some of what Paul had to say below.

Paul on any advice he’d give to Ryan Garcia who is also coming off his first loss

“I don’t think it’s a loss, that’s what I told Ryan. I messaged him, I said ‘it’s not a loss, you took a W and you’re doing what a lot of fighters aren’t which is putting it on the line and making the big fights happen.’ How come we still haven’t seen Fury vs Joshua, a lot of these massive fights, Fury vs — what the fuck’s his name — Usyk, and Spence vs Crawford.

“So Ryan took a W, put it all on the line, and it was a massive, massive success for him, and that’s what I told him.”

On a potential rematch with Tommy Fury

“I think it has to happen again. Just the numbers were massive. It was a great event, it was a good fight, and Tommy’s down, I’m down, so I think it happens at some point, for sure.”

On claiming Davis vs Garcia did 800,000 buys instead of the reported 1.2M

“Yeah, like I know the actual numbers in the business, and they put out a million+ PPV buys for Ryan vs Tank, but that’s not the truth. It was 800,000, granted at a higher price point so obviously that plays a factor. But still, when we’re going numbers for numbers, my event (with Fury) did more PPV buys.

“We know the people inside of these companies that give us the exact numbers and the exact info because we’re working with all the companies, and that’s the unique thing about the position I’m in. I work DAZN, Showtime, BT, all of these people, Fight.TV. So we just know everyone and everywhere and where all these PPV buys are coming from.”

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