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KSI vs Joe Fournier weigh-in results, photos, video, running order

KSI takes on Joe Fournier tomorrow on DAZN PPV!

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KSI and Joe Fournier are set for Saturday’s fight in London
KSI and Joe Fournier are set for Saturday’s fight in London
Leigh Dawney/Misfits Boxing
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

KSI and Joe Fournier are set for Saturday, with the two making weight for their bout in London.

KSI came in at 177.6 lbs, with Fournier at 179.5 lbs.

As always, none of the fights on tomorrow’s show are sanctioned, but they are all full-contact bouts.

Deji and Swarmz weighed in at 172.15 lbs and 170.7 lbs, respectively, and Salt Papi and Anthony Taylor came in at 179.7 and 182.5 for the three major attractions on the show.

Here’s the running order for Saturday’s show:

Prelims (1:00 pm ET)

1) Zuckles (170.85 lbs) vs Mystery Opponent, 3x3
2) Archie (213.4 lbs) vs Luis Nestor (199.9 lbs), 3x2
3) Unbaer (142.4 lbs) vs Corn (138.5 lbs), 3x2
4) Boogie (391.6 lbs) vs Wings (404.2 lb), 3x1.5

Main Card (DAZN PPV, 2:00 pm ET)

5) Little Bellsy (120 lbs) vs Lil Kymchii (120 lbs), 4x2
6) Viruzz (178.7 lbs) vs DK Money (179.9 lbs), 4x3
7) Tennessee Thresh (120.5 lbs) vs Paigey Cakey (121.4 lbs), 3x2
8) Salt Papi (179.7 lbs) vs Anthony Taylor (182.5 lbs), 3x3
9) Deji (172.15 lbs) vs Swarmz (170.7 lbs), 4x3
10) KSI (177.6 lbs) vs Joe Fournier (179.5 lbs), 6x3

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