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‘F— this, judges need to wise up’: Tyler Goodjohn reacts to BKFC 42 loss to Tony Soto, highlights and results

Tyler Goodjohn feels he was robbed against Tony Soto at BKFC 42.

Tyler Goodjohn feels he was robbed against Tony Soto at BKFC 42
Tyler Goodjohn feels he was robbed against Tony Soto at BKFC 42
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tony Soto and Tyler Goodjohn put on a tremendous main event at tonight’s BKFC 42 main event, with Soto emerging victorious on unanimous scores of 48-47 from all three judges.

The outcome will be hotly debated, and with good reason. Soto, who remains unbeaten in BKFC, started well and Goodjohn got cut up as Goodjohn always does, but there’s a decent argument that Goodjohn did the better work in four of the five rounds.

“I told you guys, I’m built for this shit. Proof’s in the pudding, baby,” Soto said. “I’ve always had respect for Goodjohn, but (the trash talk is) all about building the fight. That fucking dude’s got an amazing story, he’s a good fighter. But today, this time is my time.”

Soto then called out Luis Palomino, who was in the ring. Palomino was not kind in his assessment of the decision.

“You know you don’t want to say nothing right now. You know you lost this fight. You lost this fight three rounds ago. You were gassed the fuck out over there,” he told Soto. “You didn’t want to continue fighting. You kept hugging around, over here with your Burger King fucking crown. You lost this fight, buddy. You lost this fight. You know you lost it. Everybody booed because you know you lost it.”

Soto then made a “Sorry For Party Rocking” reference, which in its way is even more dated than if he’d made, like, a Whitesnake reference or something.

“I’m here to put on shows. Line ‘em up. The king will make ‘em bow,” Soto concluded.

“I’ve got skin like tissue paper. Every fight I have, I cut. It doesn’t faze me,” Goodjohn said. “You see me bounce around. I don’t give a fuck. I’m bleeding. So what? It happens every fight, who cares?

“I lost the first round and then I won the next four. I’m disappointed, man. This is two fights in a row I’ve had really stupid decisions on the scorecards. I don’t know what to do.

“I entertain the fans, I come here and give 110 percent. You don’t see anyone else bouncing, laughing at the doctor when he’s looking at the cuts. Fuck this, man. The judges need to wise up.”

Undercard highlights and results

  • Doug Coltrane KO-2 Blake LaCaze: The first round was pretty even, then LaCaze got a late round knockdown that probably swung it to a 10-8 in his favor when it easily could have gone 10-9 for Coltrane. Could have been a big difference. Wasn’t! Coltrane knocked him out 34 seconds into round two, turning some good clinch work into a bomb of a right hand that ended the fight. He then called out a “dude” whose name he does not know, and also “The Redneck,” because he “doesn’t get along with” rednecks.
  • Keith Richardson KO-1 Cody Jenkins: Jenkins was dropped and just took the count at 1:41 of the first round. Remember, two-minute rounds. Body shots prior to the final punches before he went down did the real damage, and he just shook his head, “No,” took, the 10-count, and that was that.
  • Sydney Smith UD-5 Andy Nguyen: Not a good fight. Commentary had to talk about “mirroring hips” about 32 times. Smith was a +300 underdog here, but Nguyen just did not not do enough, and her late final round knockdown was basically all the judges gave her credit for in the end, as Smith won the fight on unanimous scores of 48-46, which seemed right to me. This was abnormally dull for BKFC, and I kinda felt like by the second or third round that Nguyen might have come in with some sort of injury here, because she just wasn’t engaging enough considering the very obvious holes in Smith’s hip mirroring posture. And the final round knockdown wasn’t even all that clean, sort of ugly and awkward.
  • Brandon Allen KO-1 Trevor Loken: Allen just sort of outclassed Loken here, his boxing ability was just a different level. Loken could scrap, you could see that, but the KO shot — and it was a wicked knockout, with Loken knocked stiff — kinda tells the story, where Loken just over-committed trying to land and never saw the left hook coming from underneath.
  • Brandon Bushaw NC-2 Rick Caruso: Bushaw was down and getting the business late in round one, but an accidental shot to the back of Caruso’s head truncated this fight in round two. Seemed like it was really about to heat up, honestly. Caruso argued that he’s supposed to get five minutes, and he’s right, he’s supposed to get up to five, but the way he was acting, a referee and/or doctor are gonna really consider letting it go on inside of five there, and they did. I’m sure these two will fight again to settle it.
  • Dustin Pague TKO-2 Wade Johnson: Johnson blew weight by a pretty fair amount, but it didn’t wind up mattering. Pague was cut early, also got dropped in the first round, but came back to smash Johnson with three second knockdowns, the last of which was really nice, leading to the TKO. Just took over the fight when he got the chance and left nothing on the table.
  • Trukon Carson TKO-1 LJ Hermreck: This was just all ferocious action. Carson won out in 76 seconds. Hermreck got dropped twice and the second knockdown sounded like someone snapped a crisp, fresh carrot when the straight right hand landed. The fight ended on a medical stoppage due to a cut when Hermreck told the doctor he couldn’t see.
  • Cole Ferrell TKO-2 Cody Schieve: Schieve was all heart here but just massively outgunned by Ferrell. Schieve dropped twice in the first, again right at the bell but it didn’t officially count, and then two more times in round two.

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