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‘We’re close, let’s get it done’: John Fury on Tommy Fury vs KSI talks

John Fury says Tommy is “close” to a deal to fight KSI.

John Fury says Tommy is “close” to a deal to fight KSI
John Fury says Tommy is “close” to a deal to fight KSI
Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tommy Fury and his father John Fury showed up to today’s Misfits Boxing card in London, and were asked about the call-outs from KSI, who is set to fight Joe Fournier in today’s main event.

For his part, Tommy didn’t seem particularly interested in the idea of a KSI fight, but also acknowledged that it could be good money and something he may take.

In short, if the offer is right, it sounds like Tommy is interested, and his father definitely sounds interested.

“All I need him to do — we’re talking to his people, they’re talking to me,” John said. “We’re close, let’s get it done. Let’s agree terms and let my man sign you up, and on we go with it!”

John also sounded as if he were having a good time at the event, loving the energy and gave credit to Paigey Cakey and Tennessee Thresh for a “cracking fight” just before, which is true, it was a really good fight.

For KSI to secure a Tommy Fury bout, he’ll first have to get through Joe Fournier. Tommy said he expects KSI to win, even if Fournier “should” win on paper.

Earlier, cameras caught up with Tommy backstage, and he said he’d stop KSI “very early.”

“This man is worse than Jake Paul, in my opinion, so I believe if I fight KSI in the future, he gets stopped very early,” he said. “Yeah, he’s a lot more gung-ho than Jake Paul, but that means you leave yourself very open.”

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