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Al Bernstein reacts to Rolando Romero’s stoppage win over Ismael Barroso

The Showtime commentator admits it’ll take some time to wrap his head around Rolando Romero becoming a world champion in the manner he did.

Al Bernstein tries to give a measured response to the outrageous decision made by referee Tony Weeks.

Immediately following Rolando Romero’s absurdly questionable stoppage win over Ismael Barroso over the weekend, Showtime commentator and boxing analyst Al Bernstein takes some questions on his thoughts on what took place, and what that could mean for Romero going forward.

Bernstein on his thoughts on the stoppage

“Well, you know, I’m raw from it because we it just happened. Obviously I don’t think that anybody really thought that was an appropriate stoppage. Barroso was also ahead on the scorecards. The knockdown, although Barroso was hurt before that first knockdown, he was pushed down. And it’s hard to fathom the stoppage. Honestly, it just is. I don’t think anybody could really say otherwise — it was just hard to fathom.”

On the early talks of Romero potentially fighting Ryan Garcia

“I don’t know. Listen, first we have to process the idea that he has a title based on what transpired here tonight. Obviously it’s quite apparent that Barroso, who is a different guy than what I saw on video even three years ago against Ulysse, that Barroso would’ve beaten Rolly Romero, that Barroso from three years ago at age 38.

“So, I don’t know what to say about Ryan Garcia and Rolly Romero, I don’t know.”

On if Romero ranks as one of the weakest world champions he can remember

“Well, let’s put it this way, right at this moment a lot of it’s questionable. We saw two really good 140 pounders in the first fight (Akhmedov vs Sims Jr) fight at a super talented championship level. I’ll leave it to people to say what they think they would do compared to what we saw in the main event. Listen, I’m not one to denigrate, I’m not one to go off, but, you know, those just are facts.”

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