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Anthony Yarde not sure Anthony Joshua should be looking to fight Deontay Wilder

Anthony Yarde has serious questions whether or not Anthony Joshua can take Deontay Wilder’s punches.

Anthony Yarde shares his thoughts on a potential heavyweight showdown.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Anthony Yarde gives his opinion on the talks of Anthony Joshua potentially facing Deontay Wilder. Yarde, who admits he has a liking for Joshua, says that’s not the kind of fight he would prefer to see Joshua in because he isn’t sure Joshua can stand up to Wilder’s power. Check out some of what he said below.

“Everyone that knows me in boxing knows that I don’t bullshit, I don’t lie,” Yarde said. “I don’t want Joshua to fight Wilder. Again, ‘cause I like Joshua, I appreciate his come up, he’s made history, he’s paved the way for some fighters as well, coming forward. First ever Olympic gold medalist from England to become world champion and then he unified it. He’s made history, so he’s in that area right now where some people are saying ‘you aren’t the Anthony Joshua you used to be.’ Some people are saying ‘no, we haven’t seen the best of him.’

“But Wilder is someone — you can’t go in there and be working on boxing school. You can’t, because Wilder’s got that thing, same as Tank Davis. Tank Davis is obviously a better IQ boxer but Wilder’s always had that thing, he’s dropped everyone he’s been in the ring with.

“He fought Fury three times...if it wasn’t Fury, no one else is getting up. Everyone saw the first fight he got up like the Undertaker, out of no where. Will Joshua get up from those kind of punches? I don’t know. Personally, I don’t want the fight to happen. I wanted Anthony Joshua to fight Fury first and that would’ve been a historic fight for England...but now, I don’t know, man.”

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