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George Kambosos explains what makes Devin Haney so good

George Kambosos breaks down how Devin Haney’s effective use of range is what really sets him apart.

George Kambosos says getting on the inside of Devin Haney’s long and active jab is no easy task.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In a interview with Fight Hub TV, former lightweight titleholder George Kambosos gives a personal account of his experience fighting Devin Haney, and what he thinks separates Haney from most other fighters out there.

Kambosos largely credits Haney’s combination of distance control and movement as his defining characteristics, and says he would even consider him to be better than Gervonta Davis. Here’s some of what he had to say below.

Kambosos on what makes Haney so good

“The thing with Devin is he’s got that big reach, he’s had about four inches on myself and we knew that coming into the fight. But the way he controls the four inches — you can have 100 inches and not be able to control the distance. I’ve sparred guys that are way taller and way longer and rangier than Devin but still be able to get on the inside and punish ‘em and break ‘em down. But Devin knows how to control his distance, his reach, his movement.

“He improved from the first fight to the second fight. I’ll be honest, from the first I didn’t really feel too many of the shots, he came with the plan of the jab and the movement and stuff. The second fight he sat down more...his power did get better from the first fight to the second fight.”

On who he thinks is better between Haney and Gervonta Davis

“I’ve been in with Devin so Devin’s the better fighter. I haven’t been in with Tank and I think Devin is just bigger, busier, got the better fundamentals. But, again, Tank is a very good fighter too, he’s got that explosive power.”

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