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Canelo Alvarez discusses fighting at home in Mexico, Ryan Garcia seeking reunion with Eddy Reynoso

Canelo Alvarez says it will ultimately be Eddy Reynoso’s decision on whether or not to work with Ryan Garcia again.

Canelo Alvarez expresses his enthusiasm in bringing a big fight back to Mexico.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Canelo Alvarez gears up for his fight this weekend against John Ryder in Mexico, Canelo talks to the media about his excitement in bringing a fight back to where he started his career before touching on the recent reports of Ryan Garcia reaching out to Eddy Reynoso in the hopes of reuniting with the trainer. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Canelo on what it means to him to be able to fight in Guadalajara

“It’s going to be be something special, after 12 years. I start my career in Guadalajara in the little arenas and right now in the biggest stadium, and the people respond to me so it’s going to be one of the best nights in my career for sure. So I’m real excited for this fight.

“I’m glad and grateful with the people who respond like this, and I’m just enjoying this moment a lot. I enjoy it because it’s hard. It’s hard to put [on] this kind of fights and people respond like this. So it’s an honor for me, I’m proud about it and I’m going to bring everything that night.

“It’s not about money...a lot of things is hard to put the fight here, everything, the TV, a lot of things you need to move in order to put it here in Guadalajara. It’s hard to do it but I’m happy, I made this and I’m happy to bring this fight to Guadalajara.”

On Ryan Garcia reaching back out to his trainer Eddy Reynoso in the hopes of a reunion

“You know, I’m not the trainer. So Eddy need to think and evaluate a lot of things, but I’m not the trainer, I’m not Eddy. So whatever Eddy decides, I’m going to support him.”

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