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Golden Boy matchmaker believes Canelo Alvarez could benefit from some time away from boxing

Robert Diaz says a little break from boxing could help reinvigorate Canelo’s body after so many years of wear and tear.

Robert Diaz explains how an extended vacation for Canelo could help him in more ways than one.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Golden Boy matchmaker Robert Diaz takes some time to chat with Fight Hub TV about his thoughts on Canelo Alvarez’s latest performance against John Ryder and explains why he doesn’t think it would be the worst thing in the world if Canelo took some time away from boxing to rejuvenate himself. Check out Diaz’s reasoning below.

On Canelo getting some criticism for not getting the stoppage against Ryder

“I don’t think that he’s past his prime, he fighting in a weight class that’s not his. He’s fighting bigger men and he’s winning based on talent, but it’s not that he’s past his prime. He’s fighting bigger men, he gets tired because these guys are bigger, you know, and he can feel the punches. But you have a kid that was a welterweight, super welterweight, and now fighting at super middleweight and actually hurting and dropping bigger guys. You got to give him credit there.”

On if he thinks Canelo will rematch Bivol at 175

“Knowing Canelo, because obviously I worked with him for many years and I know him and know what type of fighter he is, I believe he will not have it outside of made history by beating Kovalev and won the 175 (belt), there’s nothing more to prove. The higher you get, the more difficult it gets.”

On if Canelo might need a hiatus from the sport to let his body rest

“He turned pro at 15. He’s 32, 33...the sparring, the amount of fights, it takes its toll on the body. As much as you feel good, you feel healthy, you feel strong, the body says ‘yeah, I need a break.’ So, personally, it would be beautiful if he takes a couple years off and then comes back, but just to rest the body. But knowing him, he’s gonna keep wanting the challenges.

“The body rests, and then at the same time you create more anticipation because the fans want to see you back. So that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

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