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Josh Taylor grows tired of listening to Teofimo Lopez drivel, walks off set

Josh Taylor didn’t have the patience to sit through another one of Teofimo Lopez’s ‘Takeover’ shticks.

Josh Taylor gets up and leaves once Teofimo Lopez gets started with the ‘Takeover.’

With each passing media obligation it seems Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez are getting more and more tired of one another, and ready to get straight to the fight.

During the latest round of promotional interviews for the junior welterweight title, Taylor was asked a question about being able to turn Lopez’s fans into his own fans, before Lopez would jump in to give his usual spiel.

“Yeah, yeah” Lopez would say, dismissing Taylor’s response of having already taken his fans. “I’m grateful for this opportunity. This is what we do, this is how we do it, this is why we call ourselves ‘The Takeover’. And this fight right here will solidify as the worldwide takeover.”

A bewildered Taylor couldn’t continue listening to another ‘Takeover’ marketing pitch.

“I’ve heard enough of this guy,” said Taylor, getting up from his seat to take his leave. “Hey, I’ve had enough of listening to you, waffling on, a lot of shit,” Taylor would then say directly to Lopez. “I’m offski, see you June 10th, wee man.”

That, however, didn’t stop Lopez.

“30 years old, he’s gotta leave” Lopez would respond. He’s gotta leave, all good. Hey, but we stay.”

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