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Teofimo Lopez claims to be in a mentally good place despite personal issues outside of the ring

Teofimo Lopez says he’s going through a divorce, but has learned valuable life lessons that he’s taking with him.

Teofimo Lopez says he’s living and learning, but will be ready to beat Josh Taylor.

With just over a week before Teofimo Lopez challenges Josh Taylor for a 140-pound title, Lopez appears on Punsh Drunk Boxing to discuss a wide range of topics, including how people have been questioning his mental state.

Lopez admits that he’s is dealing with real life issues outside of the ring, including an impending divorce, but says he’s at peace with that situation and has only been focusing on his career and taking care of business against Taylor.

“Yeah, there’s been a lot of personal issues and that plays a big role as you come up in the ranks and you’re a top fighter,” Lopez said. “Like a lot of things people don’t really know. Like right now, just a little insight, my ex-wife, she filed for divorce, is gonna take half of my money and everything else with it. So that’s just part of it. Hey, it is what it is, it comes with the territory. You live and you learn. As long as I’m living, I’m learning.

“You know, I haven’t seen my son so everything just plays that role but it’s tough sometimes. And for her to kind of diss me in front of the whole world by not passing my kid — or our kid I should say — it’s stuff like that that really plays those tolls. I’m doing everything for my son, and I’m doing this for the new generation of boxing.

“So when those things don’t come to play at that time, of course I’m gonna be disappointed. But I’m learning...such is life. It just comes with the territory, you gotta know how to be patient and everything. So, listen, this is my third fight officially at 140, I’m facing the kingpin of the division, Josh Taylor, and that’s the thing, we aim for the impossible to make it possible. Once we start doing it then everybody’s just gonna jump right on to it again.”

Lopez would also add more about his current state of mind in another portion of the interview.

“I’m at peace, man. I don’t have a parasite sucking me dry going home. I think that’s what it was, man,” Lopez said. “For five years I was dealing with that. I think I had to learn along the way and God made me go through life, go through the cycle of it, but still have my soul, still have my mind, still have my body here with me. And, yeah, I’m at a great state, a very great state.”

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