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Mayweather vs Gotti III full fight video highlights: Chaos erupts in full-scale brawl after disqualification

The Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti III exhibition went awry, leading to a huge brawl with both teams in the ring.

A huge brawl broke out at the Mayweather vs Gotti III exhibition
A huge brawl broke out at the Mayweather vs Gotti III exhibition

Floyd Mayweather held another one of his exhibiton “fights” this evening, taking on John Gotti III, and the end result appeared to be a double disqualification, with a massive in-ring brawl erupting when Gotti did not take referee Kenny Bayless’ decision well.

Mayweather, 46, and Gotti III, 30, annoyed Bayless with a lot of chattering and talking, to the point that Bayless called the fight off in round six.

Gotti then tried to get around Bayless and continue the fight with Mayweather, who geared up to defend himself and throw punches back. Before they could really get at it, team members from both sides rushed into the ring and it was just a whole mess.

The interest in the non-Japan Mayweather exhibitions has been clearly waning because he simply does them too often to maintain the initial novelty, and I suppose this is one way to get people talking about them again. I mean, look, here we are, talking about this one.

Anyway, here’s some video.

Mayweather vs Gotti III highlights

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