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Teofimo Lopez tries to stir up controversy by saying he might retire after Josh Taylor win

Teofimo Lopez spoke to media members immediately following his latest win.

Teofimo Lopez scored a decisive win over Josh Taylor, then had some fun with the public.

Teofimo Lopez silenced most of his critics over the weekend with his performance against Josh Taylor, but he wasn’t done having his fun once the final bell rang. In the immediate aftermath of his unanimous decision win, Lopez talked about how he presents himself in the media and teased his retirement from boxing.

“I do it on purpose,” Lopez said. “I need the pressure on me because that’s what’s makes diamonds. And tonight I shined very bright.”

Lopez on if he likes when the public discounts his chances in a fight

“No, no, no. That’s a thing I don’t really want. I think when I was at that pedigree I would always go back to my ex-wife and that always gave me more issues, more problems, and it was taking away from my boxing. So boxing is my wife, I married it at 17 years young, and that’s my first wife and I can’t disrespect my love. Not for anyone and not for anything.”

On two judges having the fight close on their scorecards

“I knew they were gonna do something kind of shiesty, it took a long time for them to come up with the scorecards, they were trying to figure it out. And I told everybody ‘you better not steal it, ain’t no fuckin’ way you can steal it.’

“25 years young, seven-time world champion, two-time lineal world champion, two-divisional world champion. I mean, two Hall of Fame careers in one at just 25. You can’t tell me I’m not great. You cannot tell me I’m not the double greatest since Muhammad Ali.

“Now, just to stir it up, I might retire after this fight.”

On who he wants to fight next

“Retirement, man. I’m kinda tired. I’m not getting paid enough. A million dollars?! Get the fuck outta here. Yeah (I’m retiring), I need to take a break. I’m tired of everybody bullying me.”

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