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Regis Prograis reacts to win over Danielito Zorrilla, doesn’t believe it was a close fight

Regis Prograis says the pressure of performing at home got to him in the days leading up to the fight.

Regis Prograis admits he didn’t put on the performance he would’ve liked in front of his hometown fans.

In the immediate aftermath of his split decision win to retain his junior welterweight title, Regis Prograis talks to media members about his reaction to the fight. Prograis doesn’t hesitate to admit that his performance wasn’t great, but still thinks it wasn’t a close fight as he looks to move forward with his career. Here’s some of what he had to say below.

Prograis on his performance against Zorrilla

“My performance was shit. I can even admit to myself ‘yeah, it wasn’t a good performance.’.. The hometown fights, they are the worst and I kind of felt it going into it...but I got the job done, I kept the belt, and I’m happy about that but I’m definitely not happy about my performance.

“He came to survive. He came to survive, he didn’t want to get knocked out. He came to survive and it was just like I was chasing him. I had to chase him for 12 rounds.”

On what Zorrilla presented that he wasn’t anticipating

“Just the running around. I thought he was gonna engage more but then when I did drop him, I think it was the third round, then he really just ran around even more.”

On the hometown jitters he felt

“It’s like everybody that you ever know is like here. Like everybody. Dealing with tickets and dealing with so many different things, it literally will get to you.”

On the widely different scorecards

“I definitely felt like I won it. I ain’t see how they scored it for him but whatever. I don’t think it was close but I know my performance definitely wasn’t good.”

On what he should’ve done better

“Just cut him off more. And I feel like — now I can say it — I was doing a throw-out jab but I should’ve been stepping with my jab instead of just trying to throw a setup jab. And after I dropped him I definitely should’ve just cut him off more and throw more shots to the body.”

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