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Terence Crawford aims to cement his status as best fighter of this generation with a win over Errol Spence

Terence Crawford says he’ll finally get the credit he deserves with a win over Errol Spence.

Terence Crawford doesn’t believe Errol Spence will bring anything to their fight he hasn’t seen before.

Terence Crawford makes an appearance on Brian Custer’s Last Stand Podcast to talk about his highly anticipated fight with Errol Spence Jr, how they got the fight over the line this time, and why he’s eager to make a concrete statement that he’s the best fighter of this era. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below.

Crawford on what this opportunity to become undisputed in two different weight classes means to him

“It means a lot. A lot of people, they shedding darkness on me accomplishing it the first time, saying I wasn’t fighting nobody and they trying to take a lot of credit away from the opponents I faced at 140 when those was good opponents at the time.

“So it would mean a lot for me to go out there and become a two-time undisputed champion. And what’s better than beating the boogeyman.

“I feel like Roy Jones Jr when they say he wasn’t fighting nobody, and he said I ain’t fighting nobody and he just said ‘I just made ‘em look like nobody.’ Because every time I fight somebody they got something negative to say after the fact. But prior to me fighting (them), it’s a whole lot of ‘I don’t know if Crawford’s ready, this guy’s too big, this guy fought this guy, he’s got the better resume.’ You hear a lot of things but after the fight you head ‘he wasn’t nothing, he was washed.’

“Everybody wanted to see me fight Shawn Porter because the fight he had with Errol Spence. I didn’t go calling Shawn Porter out because of the type of relationship that we have. I was calling out people like Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Errol Spence.

“So when I fought Shawn Porter everybody was saying ‘oh, Bud too little, Shawn’s gonna rough him up, or Bud’s not on that level, he ain’t fought nobody.’ But now after I fight Shawn it’s ‘washed, his dad called the fight, he was already retired.’ I hear a lot of things. So July 29th I’m gonna hear a lot of things as well.”

On the bilateral rematch clause and whether that would take place at 147 or 154

“I believe it’s at either or. But my mind ain’t even on that. I’m looking to be victorious in the first one. This the one that matters to me, the first one.”

On if Jermell Charlo is the next big fight for him after Spence

“It could be. It could be, yes. Definitely. Like I said, not only am I looking at Jermell Charlo but Errol is, too. He’s hinted and mentioned fighting Jermell Charlo as well. So that’s a fight that could be made. But like I said before, I’m not even worried about Jermell Charlo. I’m not even thinking about Jermell Charlo. Only person on my mind is Errol Spence Jr.”

On if Spence does anything he needs to be concerned about

“No. I’ve seen it all. I’ve been in the ring with it all. I’ve been in the ring with bigger fighters. I’ve been in the ring with pressure fighters. I’ve been in the ring with fighters that throw a lot of punches, use their jabs. I’ve been in the ring with all of ‘em, southpaws, orthodox, big, small, tall, medium. So I’ve been boxing for a long time, since I was seven. So I don’t think there’s nothing Errol Spence can do that I haven’t seen before.”

On what people will say about him after he fights Spence on July 29

“After July 29th, they gonna say ‘Terence Crawford is special. He’s the best fighter of this era.’”

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