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Josh Taylor says Teofimo Lopez a ‘tool’, won’t bother wasting time listening to him

Josh Taylor isn’t really triggered by Teofimo Lopez’s banter, but simply says he’s too boring to even waste time paying attention to what he says.

Josh Taylor explains walking out of a recent media interview with Teofimo Lopez.

Junior welterweight titleholder Josh Taylor spent a little time reflecting on his promotional interactions with Teofimo Lopez, most recently highlighted by his walking out of a recent press interview. Taylor says despite the short clip we all saw, he had to suffer way more of Lopez’s talking than he could stand, and just can’t be bothered to waste time listening to him. Check out some of what Taylor had to say below.

Taylor on how he feels about Lopez’s personality which caused him to walk out of their media press conference

“I only walked off because he was just — that was a little clip. He goes way off rail, talks about all sorts of different stuff, making quotes about Mike Tyson, and just talks shit. He’s boring. He’s just boring and he’s just talking for the sake of talking so I just can’t be arsed listening to him.

“I think the guy’s a bit of a tool, he’s a space cadet and a real asshole, so I just can’t be bothered spending time with him. So I make nothing of him, I just let him say what he wants and let him bash on.”

On Lopez saying he’ll be trying to take his life in the ring

“I don’t react to that. Good, let him come and try to take my life and let’s see who’s the one that ends up in the back of the ambulance, so I say. That might be horrible to comment back, but let him come and try. Good on him.”

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