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Regis Prograis looking forward to making a fight against Devin Haney

Regis Prograis is coming off a horrendous performance, but says he would be better prepared for a Devin Haney fight.

Regis Prograis is hoping to secure a deal to fight Devin Haney next.

Although Regis Prograis readily admits he didn’t put on the performance he was hoping to when he took on Danielito Zorrilla this past weekend, he’s hopeful that his next fight will be a big one. Speaking to Fight Hype, Prograis says he believes Devin Haney is interested in facing him and hopes he can lock that fight next.

Prograis on his back-and-forth with Devin Haney and his father

“I think we might could do that next, bro” Prograis said. “We was at the conference, (Devin) text Eddie Hearn a picture of him smiling and stuff, so he with it. He want it. So we might could do it next. Hopefully we can make that fight happen next.”

On if facing a guy like Zorrilla will benefit him in a matchup against Haney

“All of that’s a good thing. I mean, you learn from these things. Listen, if it was Devin I don’t think we would’ve fought like that because Zorrilla was a last minute replacement. So the things we was working on in camp, we didn’t even work on that stuff for Zorrilla. Like literally, I just fought in there. Like it wasn’t no adjustments made, I just went there and fought. Basically it wasn’t like no plan behind me fighting.

“What we worked on in camp, it was nothing compared to what Zorrilla brought. If it’s a Devin, we’ll definitely have different type of work. The work we was doing, it won’t be like that. My sparring partners wasn’t nowhere like Zorrilla, bro. Nobody moved, it was way, way different.”

On if he thinks Haney’s movement would trouble him if they fight

“Like I said, if I cut off Devin — what we did in this camp, won’t be nowhere close...I still think I would stop Devin, I don’t care what people say. I still think I would stop Devin, I still think I’m the best at 140.

“It is what it is. We have off nights, bro, that’s just it. In sports period, people have off nights in boxing. This is my off night. Some people have off nights and get knocked out but luckily I had a off night, I kept my belt, I had to run around. But it was an off night, I had the jitters and it is what it is. If I fight Devin, it’s not gonna be the same at all.”

On his level of optimism that he’ll fight Haney next

“I don’t know. I hope it do, bro. For me, I hope it does happen next. I would rather fight a Devin than a Catterall because it’s just a bigger fight. I think both of ‘em are big fights for boxing but outside of that Devin is actually a bigger fight so I hope we could make that happen next.”

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