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Who wins Berlanga vs Quigley and Adames vs Williams? Predictions and preview for those fights and more!

We’ve got fights on Showtime and DAZN this weekend! Who wins?

Edgar Berlanga faces Jason Quigley this Saturday on DAZN
Edgar Berlanga faces Jason Quigley this Saturday on DAZN
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

It’s not the hugest, most glorious weekend of boxing, but there are some matchups with guys who have things to prove, at least, plus a sneaky lil’ world title fight in there tomorrow night!

Let’s get on with the picks. You want the PICKS! The couple words in BOLD FONT! You won’t READ the REST!

Note: We’re scrapping our picks for Ioka vs Franco 2 due to Franco being badly overweight and this not at all being the fight any of us anticipated, even with it going ahead. For what it’s worth, in its original, expected form, Franco was being picked by Scott, Wil, and Patrick, and John was going with Ioka.

Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley

Scott Christ (55-28)

Matchroom have chosen well for a Berlanga opponent in Edgar’s company and DAZN debut, a premiere event the streaming service has hyped as if they’ve signed a major star and not Edgar Berlanga, a guy Top Rank willingly let walk because they could only envision the wheels getting knocked off if they put him in the level of fights he desired, a situation where they’d be overpaying some outside fighter to beat their guy. So why do it if you’re them?

This isn’t a huge leap above where Berlanga’s been, but Matchroom have — or had — the ability to offer him a Canelo money fight next year. (This is no longer the case through at least 2024.)

Quigley’s a better boxer than Berlanga in some ways, but he also gets hit fairly easily and has not come close to living up to the hype he once had. His best win is a debatable one over Shane Mosley Jr, and he was dominated by Tureano Johnson and smashed quick by Demetrius Andrade, who famously does not smash anyone quick. Even if Quigley wins some rounds here, I think Berlanga can beast him in similar fashion to the 16 lads he gave the what’s for for a few years there, and I think that’s what happens. Berlanga TKO-5

Wil Esco (63-20)

I’m really not a firm believer in Edgar Berlanga as some top prospect and legitimate world title contender, but I think he can manage to stay afloat against this caliber of opponent in Jason Quigley. Berlanga can crack, but his craft is lacking. Quigley is tough, but not hardly invulnerable. I suspect Quigley won’t really want to get into a firefight with Berlanga as he’ll be a power deficit, and expect him to do some things to frustrate Berlanga. Ultimately, however, I think Berlanga applies enough pressure to persuade the judges he’s the boss in the fight. Berlanga UD-12

John Hansen (56-27)

Briefly considered going with a Berlanga KO-1 pick here, just for old times’ sake… But, as little stock as I put in Quigley, I doubt Berlanga will dispatch him even faster than Demetrius Andrade did.

I do think Berlanga will rediscover his knockout ability, though. This is all about paving a road back to marketability in his Matchroom debut, and I think he’ll get a highlight finish to start his DAZN highlight reel. Berlanga KO-6

Patrick Stumberg (63-20)

I see two feasible outcomes here. In one, Berlanga takes advantage of Quigley being undersized, easy to hit, and a slow starter to smoke him in two minutes. We’ll get all kinds of hot air about how he’s ready for a title shot and Top Rank was just holding him back, after which there’s about a 50 percent chance Matchroom lets Jaime Munguia euthanize him in “THE BIGGEST MEXICO VS PUERTO RICO BOUT OF ALL TIME.”

In the other, Quigley uses his secret technique of actual boxing fundamentals to outclass a gun-shy Berlanga, only to lose on the cards because he’s the B-side and Berlanga being bigger than him makes the judges overvalue Berlanga’s punches. The first one sounds a lot more fun, so let’s go with that. Berlanga TKO-1

Carlos Adames vs Julian Williams

Scott Christ (55-28)

I really like “J-Rock,” and I hate to count out a man whose most famous moment and best win came with a great post-fight interview about not counting out fighters just because they’ve had losses before in their careers. I also don’t think Adames is any world-beater.

But I have also seen Julian Williams in recent years — so, like, the three fights after he beat Jarrett Hurd with a magnificent performance in 2019. Jeison Rosario trucked him; OK, fine, Rosario can crack. Then he lost quite to Vladimir Hernandez; you could have made the argument that Williams won that fight, but it was still way too competitive for it being Vladimir Hernandez, a tough guy who turned around to get smashed by Jesus Ramos four months later. And his official full move to 160 saw him looking pretty pedestrian against Rolando Mansilla, who just isn’t good.

I have a weird itch about this fight, and I’m going to pick Williams, but I want to put it this way:

  1. It’s all gut feeling and a “why not?” gambler’s approach.
  2. There is no logic that can lead you to confidently picking Julian Williams to win this fight.

But whatever, man. Who needs logic? Adames is fighting well and the younger, fresher man here, but I’ve seen him lose to Patrick Teixeira, too. This is not a peak Golovkin or Marvin Hagler or anything. (“Today’s version of Williams might make him kinda look like he is.”) Hey, brain, shut up. We don’t need you here. Williams SD-12

Wil Esco (63-20)

I don’t want to sound completely dismissive but I think Julian Williams’ time has come and gone. I think he’s a perfectly fine fighter who acquits himself well both inside and outside the ring, but I think he’s just got too many miles and accumulated too much punishment for him to really go through the fire without getting roasted. Against Adames he’ll certainly go through the fire, and while he might have some moments of success, I think Adames will eventually break him down with accumulated pressure and punishment to force a second half stoppage. Adames TKO-8

John Hansen (56-27)

I’d really, really love to see J-Rock pull off another upset and remind us all yet again not to write off fighters who’ve taken some losses. But, I think Adames is in top career form right now, while Williams is past his peak, facing his first real challenge at middleweight.

I’d give J-Rock good odds fighting for Erislandy Lara’s belt, and I’d probably have him the favorite against whoever emerges from Falcao-Gualtieri as the IBF champion. Not against this guy, right now, though. Adames UD-12

Patrick Stumberg (63-20)

I feel like whatever questions Williams may pose to Adames, Adames already answered them against Sergiy Derevyanchenko. We know Adames can handle a skilled, high-volume aggressor, just as we know that Williams can be overpowered by durable heavy hitters. I’m not sure what it is that ails WIlliams, but if his unremarkable decision win over Rolando Mansilla is anything to go by, moving up six pounds didn’t fix it.

Adames’ collapse against Patrick Teixeira is far enough behind us now that “what if the J-Rock who beat Hurd shows up” isn’t a convincing argument. Superior firepower carries him to another stoppage win inside six rounds. Adames TKO-5

Quick Picks!

Erickson Lubin vs Luis Arias

  • Scott: Lubin UD-10
  • Wil: Lubin UD-10
  • John: Lubin TKO-7
  • Patrick: Lubin TKO-6

Fernando Martinez vs Jade Bornea

  • Scott: Martinez UD-12
  • Wil: Martinez UD-12
  • John: Martinez UD-12
  • Patrick: Martinez UD-12

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