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Will boxing ever see another champion fight over 100 times?

Triple digit fights for great fighters — or really any fighters — just don’t seem likely to ever happen again.

Will boxing ever seen another top fighter with 100+ fights in their career?
Will boxing ever seen another top fighter with 100+ fights in their career?
Richard Mackson/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

Over time, parity has grown in the sport of boxing. Congruently, purses have as well. Though all-time talents transcend eras, not only have training regimens, equipment and sports medicine evolved exponentially, but fighter autonomy has to a degree, in lockstep.

These factors have empowered fighters to be smarter in their negotiations as well as the care of their bodies, with the always-prevalent risk of in-ring mortality exacerbated by the undetectable development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the brain.

The rise of media and alternative means of revenue generation have given fighters platforms to cash out on more levels than ever before and promoters have been as bad as ever in pitting the best against the best in their appointed times — though that may be turning a corner as of the last couple of years.

Therefore, the days of Archie Moore, Willie Pep and Sugar Ray Robinson amassing well over 200 fights may be ancient history. But fighters like Julio Cesar Chavez — who retired in 2005 — racking up 100-plus bouts could be history right along with those antecedents.

When assessing the current landscape of boxing, trends show that a new wave of fighters may have to be the ones to even make such accomplishments a reality.

Looking at the most recent Bad Left Hook rankings, the top 10 fighters in terms of bout totals:

When it comes to championship caliber boxers that have Hall-of-Fame aspirations, it may be hard to see them having any real incentive to put that much punishment on their bodies. It also runs the risk of dampening promotional efforts and build-ups leading to fights with the rise of mediums with which promotions can be put out through.

Do you think we’ll ever see a pugilist blaze through the sport and take on any and everything in his path in this current and continually evolving boxing climate?

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