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Who wins Crews-Dezurn vs Marshall? Plus Jared Anderson’s next fight: Prediction and preview

We’ve got an undisputed championship fight and a heavyweight meant-to-be-showcase this weekend!

Who wins between Franchon Crews-Dezurn and Savannah Marshall on Saturday?
Who wins between Franchon Crews-Dezurn and Savannah Marshall on Saturday?

Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs Savannah Marshall

Scott Christ (58-29)

This is a good matchup, and I think a really interesting one. Marshall is the better boxer in terms of fundamentals and all that, but Crews-Dezurn has a great engine and a ton of determination. If I had to favor someone on sheer “will to win” as an attribute, it’d be Franchon.

FCD mauls pretty well and has continued to improve in her career, not resting on the laurels of, “Well, I’m pretty great compared to everyone else, it’s fine to stick at this level.” Her win over Elin Cederroos in Apr. 2022 was her best performance to date, really established her as the best 168 lber in the world. Her overturned loss to Alejandra Jimenez in 2020 should be totally ignored as Jimenez was on PEDs, and at any rate, what went wrong in a boxing sense that night has seemingly been addressed by Crews-Dezurn.

But Marshall really is the better boxer, and most times in a fight where you’re not talking about punching power making a big difference, that’s a huge asset to have in your favor. Marshall is also a better pure puncher, in part because her technique is better. The way that Crews-Dezurn might win rounds might not actually win her some of these rounds on the road in Manchester, too, so I’m taking that into account. I’m going with Marshall — it won’t be a robbery, but she’ll get wider scores than a lot of us think she deserves. Marshall UD-10

Wil Esco (67-20)

I’m not really convinced the history between Crews-Dezurn and Marshall is as deep as Crews-Dezurn would have you believe, but I’m not knocking her for drawing motivation from wherever she can. And despite being the reigning champion and going against Marshall who is coming off a loss, I think Marshall has the better craft between them. Given that, and that this fight will be taking place in England, I see a fight where Marshall is able to score the cleaner punches that get her up on the scorecards. Crews-Dezurn will have to really have maul her if she wasn’t to prevent that but I’m not sure she’ll be able to be very effective in that respect. All in all, I’m going to take Marshall to win a decision. Marshall UD-10

John Hansen (60-27)

We did an interview with Franchon Crews-Dezurn almost two years ago. If you didn’t see it at the time, it covers her teenage experience on “American Idol” (she took a swipe at Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath) and featured a delightful turn of phrase: “Same crap, different toilet.”

When I told her that I’d predicted her to beat Elin Cederroos the first time that fight was scheduled and postponed, she said: “Well, you’re a smart man, then.” I live for validation like that, so I’m picking her again. Crews-Dezurn UD-10

Patrick Stumberg (67-20)

Maybe this is the sleep deprivation talking, but I actually like Crews-Dezurn in this matchup. She’s far from a technician or a one-shot knockout artist, but she has deceptively good timing and speed on her big swings. More importantly, Marshall showed a vulnerability to bullying against the smaller Shields, and though I won’t pretend Crews-Dezurn is in the same universe as “T-Rex” when it comes to overall boxing ability, she showed some decent mauling chops against Cederroos.

Though I recognize that Marshall has home-field advantage and a far better punch, I just didn’t like her inability to keep things at her preferred distance against Shields, nor her response to Shields’ flurries. Over 12 three-minute rounds, her technical edge would ultimately win out, but Crews-Dezurn should have enough in the tank to impose her physical strength and swarm Marshall for a narrow win. Crews-Dezurn SD-10

Jared Anderson vs Charles Martin

Scott Christ (58-29)

Prince Chuck’s career path:

  1. Beat up Some Dudes.
  2. Win paper world title because Vyacheslav Glazkov tragically shreds his own knee in a total fluke.
  3. Get obliterated by Anthony Joshua.
  4. Lightly exist for next seven years and wait for another gift title shot.

He’s also lost to Adam Kownacki and Luis Ortiz in that (4) timeframe. I don’t dislike this fight, though. Martin hasn’t been as ambitious as he could have been since 2016, and now he’s 37 years old. But he can be clever, he can punch, he’s a big southpaw, he’s got way more experience than his opponent.

I think Martin’s legitimately dangerous if Anderson, a brash and supremely confident 23-year-old, doesn’t take him as seriously as he should, and we all have seen “brash and supremely confident” become “oh, unfortunately, actually, that was arrogance” a time or five over the years.

Anderson still has some flaws that come from nobody really testing him so far. Also, Ohio. But he has skills and he can absolutely crack for real. There’s a reason people are very high on him. I think he wins here, but I also think we might see Big Baby II: The Real Big Baby hit the canvas at some point. Anderson TKO-7

Wil Esco (67-20)

I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the way Charles Martin disgracefully took credit for decimating Glazkov’s right knee en route to becoming a world champion back in 2016 when it was a clear non-contact injury. I get it was silly and that Martin wasn’t really going to shit on himself for something he couldn’t control, but man, I still remember him more from that post-fight interview than anything he’s ever done since. Martin is probably a genuinely good dude and all, but we’ve seen the best of what he has to offer and I think it’s a clear level below what we would generally consider to be a true world champion level fighter. If Jared Anderson is anything close to the prospect he’s been made out to be, this is a fight he should ultimately get through with a stoppage considering the opponent. Anderson TKO-8

John Hansen (60-27)

Expect to hear about Charles Martin’s history as a FORMER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION throughout the broadcast. You won’t get any context on it, like the fact that Martin’s reign was shorter than the original broadcast run of ABC’s widely mocked musical/police drama Cop Rock. He did hold that IBF belt, though. Not quite as long as Uptown Funk was America’s favorite song… But, it did happen. And, inevitably, much will be made about how America’s Next Great Heavyweight(?) will pass a critical milestone by beating an American FORMER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

What I’m really curious to learn is how “Prince” Charles Martin will adjust to the passing of Queen Elizabeth. She died just four days after his last fight. Will he join her son in claiming promotion to “King” Charles now? Anderson TKO-8

Patrick Stumberg (67-20)

Tim Bradley’s proclamation that Anderson is ready for the current incarnation of Anthony Joshua is bollocks. “Big Baby” still has some noteworthy kinks to iron out, namely a tendency to move in straight lines and, more importantly, bring his hands back at his waist after throwing. Jerry Forrest landed some nasty haymakers on him by just waiting for Anderson to punch and immediately hurling an overhand left. Forrest couldn’t hurt Anderson or withstand the punishment coming back his way, but Anderson can’t bank on overwhelming people with offense forever.

I genuinely think Martin will give him a scare, maybe not a full knockdown but the sort of big counter left that makes Anderson go “oh, I can’t just smash everyone.” Unfortunately for “Prince,” he has some of the same defensive lapses, but without the power and durability that Anderson uses to get away with it. “Big Baby” gets clipped, settles down, and batters Martin into submission. Anderson TKO-3

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