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Gervonta Davis sounds off on judge who sent him to jail for not complying with home detention order

Gervonta Davis’ home detention sentence was cut short after a judge decided he didn’t comply and ordered him to spend the remainder of his time in jail.

Gervonta Davis says he doesn’t believe he’s being treated fairly by the judge in his case.

A few days ago it was reported that Gervonta Davis was ordered to spend the rest of his home detention sentence in jail after no complying with the strict orders of the judge in his case. Davis has now come out to publicly ridicule the judge who decided he should spend the rest of his sentence behind bars, calling the judge a crazy piece of work.

“This judge is crazy, bro” Davis would say though a jailhouse phone call. “Basically I bought a property. I did everything in my power to listen to my lawyers [you have 60 seconds remaining]...I listened to everybody to a T. She’s mad that I bought a property, that’s why I’m sitting in jail.

“She said that she wanted me to be in an apartment, a one-bed apartment, and I couldn’t even take that. She wanted me to stay in a one-bed apartment ‘cause I didn’t have my kids, nothing, come visit me and things like that. I just want to spread light on this situation because I feel as though she’s taking advantage of me [you have 30 seconds remaining].

“I don’t know if she’s a bad judge or not but I think what she’s doing right now is not right. I feel like I need to shed light on this situation [line disconnects].”

Davis is most recently coming off a stoppage win over Ryan Garcia in late April and will have plenty of big opportunities awaiting him once he returns to the ring.

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