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Teofimo Lopez likens his career and personal struggles to bible scripture, confident good things coming his way

Teofimo Lopez was asked how he’s able to deal with his personal issues without them interfering with his fight preparation, and he references the good book.

Teofimo Lopez explains his mindset heading into showdown with Josh Taylor.

During this segment of his interview with Fight Hub TV, Teofimo Lopez goes in depth about a number of topics, including but not limited to how he’s been coping with out of the ring issues leading into a world title fight with Josh Taylor. Lopez, who says he’s a man of faith, likens his current situation to a biblical scripture and explains why he’s steadfast in his belief that good things are coming his way.

Lopez on what he wants to do with his fighting career after dealing with Taylor

“I want a rematch with Kambosos. Yeah, I do, but he’s not gonna take the fight. But we’ll see from there. Right now I’m just focused at 140 and focusing on Josh Taylor. After that I got another battle and that’s my ex-wife. That’s my next battle.”

On how he’s been able to compartmentalize his issues outside the ring without letting it interfere with his preparation for Taylor

“Book of Job...The Book of Job was a man that believed a lot in God, had a lot of faith...this is where God and the devil made a deal amongst each other to show for one man, on earth. Satan went and said ‘I guarantee you take everything from this man, he will curse you.’ And God said ‘no, he won’t. I believe in him.’ But God did it anyways, took it to see if it’s true or not.

“So he took his kids, his wife, his camels, his sheep, everything you need during those times as a man to live a good wealth life. So, you know, one thing that Job said after everything was taken away from him and people were letting him know what happened to his family, he goes down on his knees. And Satan thinks he’s going to curse God, but he doesn’t. What does he do? He says ‘God giveth, God taketh, blessed be the name of the lord.’ And Satan was mad. Very mad. Extremely mad, because he thought ‘he took everything from you.’

“And this is where I’m at now. I’m like a resurrection of the Book of Job. I look at it like that. Everything’s being taken away from me. When I beat George Kambosos...I beat him, watch it without commentators. But you know something, they took my camels, which was the most prized possession during the times. My camels was the belts, undisputed. Took it away from me. Took my lungs away from me, could be my sheep, right.

“And now it’s at a point where it’s taking my kid away from me. So, and I don’t have no wife now, taking all my earnings, half of my money, maybe more. Took a $300,000 G-Wagon from me that I paid for with my hard earned money. So, this is just the revelation of the Book of Job. I believe...and eventually Job got ten times more than what he lost, because why, because he kept his faith. I’m a big preacher, man. I’m a big believer.”

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