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Adrien Broner and Bill Hutchinson break down their fight on Friday

Adrien Broner takes on Bill Hutchinson this Friday in his first fight under Don King.

Adrien Broner is expecting big things out of his newfound relationship with promoter Don King.

As Adrien Broner readies himself for his first fight under Don King’s banner this Friday, when he takes on little known Bill Hutchinson, both fighters appeared to hold a press conference ahead their scheduled bout. All of those involved expressed a lot of enthusiasm for what’s about to take place, so check out some of what both fighters had to say below.

Adrien Broner

“Usually when they say Adrien Broner, there’s usually something fucked up that comes behind it. But what they did is they done fucked up and let me and Don get together so that’s the real problem. And I can tell ya’ll right now, I ain’t looking past nobody, I ain’t looking past this man, but I will become world champion again under Don King and it’s bigger things to come.

“But the first thing is take care of Billy, Billy Hutchinson, and everybody out there know — it’s public record — after I fuck you up I’ma need you, I’ma hire you because I need an attorney anyway ‘cause I’m about to fire my old attorney and now that I know you a fighter, I know that you’ll fight for me in a courtroom.

“And then after you beat that case I got a couple n***as, you know, they got a couple murders and shit so we need you. We gonna need you, brother.

“So right now they got me as Ghost and I’m fighting Saxe, that’s what’s going on right now. And everybody know how that story went. I’d rather get killed by my own son before I let this attorney beat me. So with that being said, I want everybody to come out June 9th, it’s gonna be crazy. I’m back and it’s just the beginning, man. AB and DK, this shit over with.”

Bill Hutchinson

“As previously mentioned, I am a licensed attorney. However, first and foremost I’m a fighter and Adrien is gonna see that on Friday night and he’s gonna have his hands full. So I appreciate the offer for some work after the fight, we can talk about that after. But make no mistake, in the ring I’m gonna do everything I can to take his head clean off of his shoulders, so let’s go to work.”

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