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Don King ‘very interested’ in Ryan Garcia vs Adrien Broner fight

Could Ryan Garcia and Adrien Broner square off later this year?

Could Ryan Garcia and Adrien Broner square off later this year?
Could Ryan Garcia and Adrien Broner square off later this year?
Erick W. Rasco/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images and Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Adrien Broner is set to return to action shortly tonight in Miami, and he and new promoter Don King recently received a social media offer — for whatever that’s worth — to fight Ryan Garcia.

Tonight at the show in Miami, King said he would be interested.

“I’m very interested in what Oscar said, and I think that he’s reaching out, trying to do something for his fighter. Even though his fighter lost to ‘Tank,’ he still is a wonderful fighter, got a great following. It would be a tremendous match, you know what I mean, so I’m gonna talk to Oscar. If we can work things out, most certainly — working together, which, I’m not one to push anybody off and say, ‘You coulda, woulda, shoulda, but I didn’t give you the opportunity.’

“We’ll give Oscar the opportunity, we’ll give his fighter Garcia the opportunity. Yes, I’m open for anybody and everybody. And if AB does his job like he says he’s going to do, that he’s already demonstrated that he could do, by winning four separate, distinct titles simultaneously, in all the different categories of weights. World titles. Now he said he’s gonna come back and he’s gonna win a title under my auspices, and if he does that, he said then he’s gonna defend the title, then he’s gonna unify the titles and everything. This man has already set the table and already put the tone to what it is.

“So Oscar is smart, because he’s the first one to knock on the door for an opportunity. So opportunity, Oscar, you’re gonna get it. You’re gonna understand that we are looking for anybody and everybody that wants to be able to be great fighters but be a people’s champion, and be able to not forget where they come from. Fight, work hard, dedicate yourself, commit yourself to excellence, but do it for the people, be humble, that means humble, being patient, putting the other people in front of yourself. Dont’ be ‘I, I, I, me, me, me, if it don’t go my way, it ain’t no way,’ no, that ain’t the way to go. Let’s go for what’s best for the people, upward mobility, elevation, and working together, and working together with love and understanding and togetherness.”

So in short, “Yes,” he would be interested, in theory.

Should be noted that Broner, 33, hasn’t made 140 lbs since 2017, but King framing this as Oscar and Garcia being given an “opportunity” against a guy so currently irrelevant he’s fighting at a soggy old Jai Alai court at a Miami casino on jabroni PPV is classic King.

Also should be noted that Garcia, 24, and De La Hoya have recently been at odds once again, sniping at one another on social media. We talked about that on this week’s podcast.

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