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Stephen Espinoza says Jermell Charlo won’t be undersized against Canelo Alvarez, talks future of Jaron Ennis

Stephen Espinoza says people will be surprised by how well Jermell Charlo physically matches up with Canelo Alvarez.

The Showtime executive shares his thoughts on Canelo’s latest matchup.

Showtime Sports executive Stephen Espinoza just took some time to catch up with media members about some big fights on his platform, including the recently announced fight between Canelo and Jermell Charlo and what’s to come next for Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. Check out some of what he had to say on those topics below.

Espinoza on the unexpected announcement of Canelo vs Jermell Charlo

“There were a few people in the loop, and there was a lot of conversations about Jermell, Jermall. And Jermall obviously wanted this very badly but he’s got some things in his personal life he’s dealing with that really weren’t going to let him prepare the way he should’ve.

“So I know people look at Jermell and say ‘154 pounder’ — I mean, you look at Jermell physically, I’m not worried about size. Anybody who says it’s a size mismatch has never seen Jermell Charlo in person. I have full confidence once we get to Sep. 30th, it’s going to be two very similar sized guys in the ring.”

On if the Thurman-Ugas winner would be the most realistic next opponent for Jaron Ennis

“Yeah, I think depending on what it is. You guys know Boots, he likes to stay busy. So depending when Thurman vs Ugas happens, you could wait around for the winner of that one. But, look, we’re gonna have to sit down and see what we want to do but I know what Boots is gonna say, I know what Bozy is gonna say — they’re going to say ‘we want to fight again before the end of the year.’

“So if that’s what we’re gonna try to do then we’ll try to get the best fight possible and have it before the end of the year.”

On how he rates Ennis’ talent

“The best way to say it, it doesn’t seem he’s got any weaknesses. This is a tough guy, Villa is a really experienced tough guy, probably the biggest puncher Boots has faced in his career. In my personal opinion, I think bigger than Abreau, and that’s probably the second hardest puncher. He took some great shots, no question about his chin, there’s no question about his defense, his offense, his speed. I mean, it’s the total package.”

On if Spence or Crawford would be too big a jump in opponent for Ennis

“31 fights, I think he’s ready. I think he’s ready for anyone in the division.”

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