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Dillian Whyte talks rematch with Anthony Joshua, says he’s looking forward to avenging his defeat

Dillian Whyte believes he’s not getting paid the money he deserves in this rematch with Anthony Joshua, but says this fight is about more than money.

Dillian Whyte says he’s not a greedy fighter who’s willing to starve the fans of good fights in order to squeeze every last cent out of his earning power.

Dillian Whyte took some time to chat with media members about his recently announced rematch with Anthony Joshua. Whyte, who always seems to have an axe to grind, isn’t exactly thrilled with the terms of this rematch with Joshua but says he’s willing to take the short end of the stick for this opportunity. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below.

Whyte on finally getting a rematch with Joshua

“This fight is only happening now because of two reasons. One, because of greed. And two, because they already got the Wilder fight guaranteed win, lose or draw anyway....(AJ’s) not taking no risk, he’s guaranteed the fight already.

“And because of greed — I don’t even know why the fight’s PPV, it should be a normal fight for the normal fan so more DAZN subscribers enjoy the fight. It shouldn’t be a PPV fight.”

On why it took this long to finalize the fight

“Just these guys being greedy and just taking long to get the fight made. And obviously I think they was trying to catch me off guard, and hopefully I wasn’t training and only give me four or five weeks notice. But it’s business, you know what I mean.”

On what he’s unhappy with in his contract with Joshua

“I’m not getting paid my value in this fight, what I bring, but sometimes it’s about the opportunity. I’m not someone who’s greedy and tries to starve the’s a big fight, a big opportunity. I know I’m getting undersold but, you know what, I want the opportunity and I want a chance to avenge my defeat. And also, I want to beat AJ up.”

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