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Deontay Wilder tells Andy Ruiz to give him a call when he’s serious about making a fight

Deontay Wilder says he’s willing to make a fight with Andy Ruiz if he drops unreasonable demands.

Deontay Wilder suggests Andy Ruiz is getting cold feet after calling him out.

Deontay Wilder is getting tired of Andy Ruiz’s jabs on social media, and urges him to get serious if he really wants to ink a fight between them. Wilder says he was never the one seeking out a fight with Ruiz, but if Ruiz wants a shot at him then he needs to make more realistic demands in negotiations. Check out some of what Wilder had to say below.

“Big boy! Lil’ Andy. We don’t have to go back-and-forth with all this talking, bro,” Wilder said. “I know what the deal is and the real is, and you know what the deal and the real is as well. The only people mad is you, is you guys. I didn’t call you. Ya’ll called us. I didn’t harass you, you guys harassed us about fighting. We wasn’t in no desperate need of fighting, you guys was in a desperate need of fighting or you wouldn’t have never called our phone in the first place.

“You called my brother Malik, desperately trying to get a fight on. Got in touch with me, saw me at the fights, desperately tried to fight me. I said ‘hey, cool, let’s make it happen, we’ll get back with you.’ We got back with you guys, with my team, with your team. And now it’s time to put it all together, who acting scared? It ain’t me. Because what ya’ll talk about is unreasonable, let’s face it.

“So when you serious, holla at me. Until then, do what you do, bro. You got a lot of weight to lose, man. You can talk that talk but only few walk that walk. So if you want to see what a knockout feel like, to get your brain splattered, holla at me, bro. I ain’t far.”

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