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Jermall Charlo says he also signed contract for Canelo Alvarez fight

Jermall Charlo says both he and his brother will be making money from fighting Canelo.

Might Jermall Charlo be next for Canelo Alvarez, after Jermell?

In a recent IG live stream, Big Charlo took to the screen to talk to all the haters out there who weren’t pleased that it would be his brother taking on Canelo Alvarez next instead of himself. As Jermall tells it, he also signed a contract for a Canelo fight but first wanted to give his brother the shot while he takes care of his personal life.

“I told ya’ll I wasn’t gonna go live and I was just gonna chill out, I was just gonna hang out,” Charlo said. “Alright, so I’m gonna tell ya’ll the real shit. Yeah, I signed a contract with Canelo, too. I gave it to my brother first so we both make money. Is ya’ll crazy?! We gonna both make money. But if I can give it to my brother first until I get — I guess ‘right’ because I so-called ‘gotta get right.’ I go get right, I ain’t tripping. But as long I get a fight with the n***a...”

There was then a short outburst from Charlo towards some folks around him, with him not pleased about their behavior while he was live streaming. But after that subsided, Charlo got back on topic.

“I didn’t really want to go on live but I gave the fight to my fuckin’ brother, okay. Ya’ll mad at me because I gave the fight to my brother? Let my brother fight. My brother gotta go up two weight classes. I want to fight the motherfucker, but it is what is, you know.”

It’s hard to draw any real definitive conclusion from Charlo’s statements here, as he still might not be in an ideal headspace, but he at least seems to suggest he could be fighting Canelo after his brother as has been speculated by many — particularly considering Canelo’s three fight deal with PBC.

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