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Daniel Dubois looks to unleash hell on Oleksandr Usyk in heavyweight title fight

Daniel Dubois says he’s confident he’ll be taking Oleksandr Usyk’s titles back home.

Daniel Dubois has an opportunity to become unified heavyweight champion on Aug. 26.
Daniel Dubois has an opportunity to become unified heavyweight champion on Aug. 26.
Photo by Foto Olimpik/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As Daniel Dubois gets set for the biggest opportunity of his professional career — a chance to win three major world title belts off Oleksandr Usyk — Dubois says he’s ready to do exactly that come August 26.

“One hundred per cent, I’m ready. We’re ready to rumble,” Dubois said. “This is it. We’re going to bring them titles back home. They’re coming with me. It’s my time, it’s definitely my time. Usyk’s been a great champion, and as I said before, everything with a beginning has to have an end. His ‘zero’ has got to go.”

And in order to take Usyk’s zero from him, Dubois says he’ll be unleashing everything he has to offer in order to take advantage of his youth, strength, and determination.

“I’ve got to outmaneuver him in everything. I’m younger, stronger, and I’ve got to release it all. Unleash hell on this guy. I was born for it.”

Despite Dubois’ confidence, however, most observers view him as the clear underdog in the matchup. That’s not something that’s phasing Dubois though, says he’s locked-in and prepared to take care of the things he can control, which will be enough for him to come out on top.

Dubois would continue by placing confidence in his power and the fact he simply believes his time is at hand, insisting he’ll be prepared to deliver come fight night. If Dubois manages it, it’ll certainly send shockwaves throughout the heavyweight division.

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