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Frank Martin expects to spook the lightweight division with performance against Artem Harutyunyan

Frank Martin takes on Artem Harutyunyan tomorrow night on Showtime.

Frank Martin wants to put on a thrilling performance that gets the strict attention of the other top lightweights.
Frank Martin wants to put on a thrilling performance that gets the strict attention of the other top lightweights.
Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

As lightweight contender Frank ‘The Ghost’ Martin continues to work his way towards a world title shot, he’ll be headlining tomorrow night’s Showtime card against Artem Harutyunyan and has no doubt on the message he’ll be sending to the rest of the lightweights out there.

“I’m gonna do what ghosts do, I’m gonna spook the whole division,” Martin said. “It’s gonna be a dominant performance. I’m gonna come out strong.”

Martin will be going against an opponent who isn’t well known, having spent his entire career fighting in Germany, but Martin says he’s not going to fall into the trap over overlooking his foe.

“I’m not looking past Artem, but he’s in the way of me getting the big fights. It’s anybody. I stay in the gym so I’m always ready for the top names,” Martin continued.

“I’m coming for it. I just want a dominant performance. I’m ready for whatever he’s got. He’s a come-forward fighter who tries to switch it up and be awkward. If he comes at me too aggressively, then it’s gonna be man down.

“Some people don’t respect my opponent because they don’t know who he is, but he’s an Olympic bronze medalist. They try to discredit him because they don’t want to fight me. No matter what, the goal is to dominate.”

With a win Martin sees himself making a statement that’ll grab the strict attention of boxing fans and other top lightweights alike, demonstrating that he’s ready for the elite.

“I’m right up there with anyone in the division. I’m ready for everyone,” Martin said. “I don’t train in the gym day in and day out to not be ready for the best. When the opportunities come, I’m gonna be ready to take them out.”

Martin has steadily been preparing under the tutelage of Derrick James who has an increasingly stacked stabled of fighters who have found their way to Texas, including Anthony Joshua and Ryan Garcia as of late. And if iron sharpens iron, Martin expects to be razor sharp this weekend.

“Everybody in Derrick James’ camp is in there working,” Martin said. “There’s even more energy in there to feed off of. Having Errol Spence Jr. and all those other guys in the gym really creates a special atmosphere.”

“People are gonna say that I’m him after they see me on Saturday night. They’re gonna see a beast. I have speed, power and defense. They’re gonna see everything on Saturday night.”

And should Martin have things go his way, he expects a violently conclusive ending to his bout.

“I have to get Artem out of there and do it in spectacular fashion. I want the stoppage on Saturday night.”

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