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BKFC 47 results: David Mundell knocks out Mike Richman, calls out Mike Perry for next fight

David Mundell wants Mike Perry after knocking out Mike Richman at BKFC 47

David Mundell wants Mike Perry after knocking out Mike Richman at BKFC 47
David Mundell wants Mike Perry after knocking out Mike Richman at BKFC 47

David Mundell retained his BKFC middleweight championship tonight, knocking out Mike Richman in the second round of their BKFC 47 main event from Lakeland, Fla.

Mundell was dropped by Richman in the first round, but came back to dominate after that, putting Richman down twice in the first and two more times in the second before Richman stayed down for a 10-count.

“He woke me the hell up,” Mundell said of getting dropped in the first. “I came out there, I had a game plan, and I did not execute it right away. I was being very lazy, trying to take shots a little bit, and he rocked me for it. Lit a fire under my ass, made me push forward.”

“I just showed that there’s absolutely no one in my division that’s on my level. Nobody. The only other person that makes his right now is Mike Perry, and even he is trash! What’s up? Why you hidin’? Why won’t you sign this contract?”

Mundell said he “absolutely” wants to fight Perry next.

Undercard results and highlights

  • Jared Warren NC-2 Josh Dyer: Think this was an awful call by the official, honestly. Dyer dropped Warren at the end of round two. Whether it was a knockdown before the bell or not is a question. But then Warren got five minutes to recover from a shot to the back of the head. He did not continue. In the meantime, Dyer was docked a point for an illegal shot. This would be better if there were an illegal shot in there. There wasn’t. The shot hit him right on the side of the head. It was a clean shot. It was maybe slightly after the bell, but in the course of throwing punches, and it was not remotely intentionally late. Just a bad call by the ref. I think Dyer got the shaft here.
  • Brandon Allen TKO-2 Seth Shaffer (0:50): Allen, the No. 3 ranked contender at featherweight [145 lbs], got dropped at the end of round one, but he put it on Shaffer fast in round two, dropping him hard and then finishing him off when the fight resumed. Once Allen really started to let it fly, that was just about it, but Shaffer gave this a real go and Allen clearly respected his ability in the first round, too.
  • Ryan Reber SD-6 (OT) Travis Thompson (56-57, 57-56, 57-56): We went to overtime here, as the judges had a majority draw at the end of five, with Thompson ahead 48-46 on one card and the other two even, 47-47. Reber clearly won the OT round, and got the split decision win, which arguably was deserved in five rounds anyway. A really good fight, competitive and entertaining between two legit bantamweight [135 lbs] contenders.
  • Gabrielle Roman TKO-1 Martyna Krol (2:00): Krol was a heavy favorite here, but Roman just picked her apart pretty much from the start, had a good game plan and Krol just couldn’t do anything with her. Krol’s emotions seemed to overwhelm her toward the end, even before the final shots had her covering up against the ropes just before the bell for a count, and the referee stopped it there. It’s a big and impressive win for Roman, and one taken with class, as Krol seemed to be a little embarrassed of showing the emotion she was, but Roman seemed to be telling her not to be. Fighting is intense, filled with adrenaline, filled with emotion.
  • Tony Murphy KO-3 Murc Jones (1:16): Chris Lytle focused a lot on Jones getting stopped due to his fatigue and wearing himself out. I’m not really sure it’s that subtle or interesting; Murphy was just a much better fighter. Jones was done done when he finally got counted out. There was a neat little highlight of Jones’ mouthpiece flying into the crowd, a fan catching it and throwing it back, and the ref catching it that time.
  • Crystal Pittman TKO-2 Toni Tallman (1:07): Basically a mismatch. Pittman ate a couple shots but that was because she clearly didn’t have any fear of what came back from Tallman, whose face was a bloody mess when it was stopped. She was still on her feet but getting demolished.

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