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‘Nobody on the planet works harder than Terence’: Shakur Stevenson on why he’s picking Crawford over Spence

Shakur Stevenson is taking Terence Crawford to beat Errol Spence Jr, and he says not just because they’re friends.

Shakur Stevenson is taking Terence Crawford to beat Errol Spence Jr
Shakur Stevenson is taking Terence Crawford to beat Errol Spence Jr
Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Shakur Stevenson spoke on Saturday night — after saying he felt George Kambosos Jr got a robbery over Maxi Hughes — about what he wants to do next, his thoughts on Spence vs Crawford and Fulton vs Inoue, and more.

On wanting Lomachenko if he can’t get Haney

“Let’s prove to the world now, I want to show the world that I’m ready for the top dogs, the big dogs in the division. Haney just fought Lomachenko. If he don’t want to fight me, it’s me and Lomachenko left. I feel as though I want to put on a performance where I beat him up and I show the world how great of a fighter I am.”

On Spence vs Crawford

“I think it’s gonna be a hell of a fight. I’m rocking with my brother (Crawford) forever. I’ve never really seen nobody work harder than Terence Crawford. I don’t know nobody on the planet that works harder than Terence Crawford.

“I can’t imagine Terence Crawford losing, so I’m definitely rocking with my brother, and I definitely, 100 percent believe he’s gonna win, and it’s not just because that’s my brother.”

“(Crawford is) competitive in every aspect. Not just boxing, he’s competitive in every single thing that he does. Errol is gonna come hard and come and fight for sure, but I just think it’s Terence Craword’s moment.”

On Fulton vs Inoue

“If it was me, I’d definitely feel (Inoue) out a lot, just to see if he’s really who they say he is. I’m rocking with ‘Coolboy,’ I hope he comes home (after) defending his titles well.”

On Keyshawn Davis’ win over Francesco Patera

“B-plus performance. I think there’s little things he can tweak, but as far as offense, defense, he showed both. I think that he’s a complete fighter.”

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